5dimes Live Lines

www.5dimes.eu is a popular online sportsbook operated by one of the sharpest handicappers of all time. Online since 1999, today they are best known for their industry leading odds and number of markets per match.

5dimes Lines Odds

Just stay with the rock solid books (US - Bookmaker, 5Dimes, Heritage, Betonline) Can't beat the lines or options Gl getting stiffed by a bookie if you beat him. 5Dimes is the gold standard in online gaming, dedicated to provide its customers with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering. With top-of-the-line software and unique gaming opportunities, 5Dimes takes its players to the next level in online gambling. The recent announcement by 5Dimes solidified the split by BetAnySports. They now use the same exact software and lines, but have access to 'everything that 5Dimes offered'. More NCAA College Game Live Odds Here! Bet on the The NCAA Women's College Basketball Odds at Bovada Sportsbook. NBA Live Betting Receive a 50% Welcome Bonus up to $250. Bovada.lv: NASCAR Betting Odds 100% Cash Welcome Bonus bookmaker.eu: Best Site for Sports Betting. 5Dimes live Odds for Live In-Play Fighting. Welcome to 5Dimes Sportsbook Odds, the unique gaming experience.

5Dimes Sport Coverage

The first thing you’ll notice about 5Dimes is their wagering menu is massive. Listed to the left are American sports including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. The amazing thing is the number of leagues offered, for football you’ll not only find NFL and NCAA you’ll also find high school football, UFL, CFL, Arena and more. For basketball you’ll find similar including WNBA, and for hockey both International and NHL are on offer. In the center of their betting menu you’ll find their soccer coverage that includes international competitions as well domestic matches from 23 different countries. On the right side of the menu you’ll find fighting including boxing, UFC, Strike Force and Bellator, motor racing including Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar and more as well as golf, cricket and rugby. They also rank number one in the US on our list of tennis betting sites.

More Markets per Match

At 5Dimes there are ton of markets per match in terms of props bets. For example it’s not uncommon to find more than 400 propositions on a single match. In American football you’ll generally find multiple variants of the same prop such as will there be a score in the first 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 6:30, 7:30 etc. all broken down with unique yes and no odds for each. You’ll find the common props such as team to score first, first score a TD or FG/Safety, 3 unanswered scores, total field goals, total safeties, total punts, interception odds, player performance and a ton more. These odds are priced highly competitive with a lower percent market than other sites offer. For example if another bookmaker was offering Score in the first 7:30 Yes -125 No -105 at 5Dimes the odds would probably offer the same for Yes -115 No +105 as they don’t charge as much juice as other betting sites.


Drop Down Menu

Another way 5Dimes offers more markets then their competitors is with drop down menu lines. For example, at the time of this review the New Orleans Saints are -4.5 -110. Using a drop down menu I’m also given the option of moving the line to -4 -118 or -3.5 -125 or moving the line the other way I can take -5 -102, or -5.5 +105. This same option is available for all teams on the board. It’s also available for game totals, for this particular game the over is o38 -110 and using the drop down menu I find o37.5 -118, o37 -125, o38.5 -102 and o39. For this game if I liked the Saints to cover -4.5 -110, I’d be highly tempted to save the chalk and just take them -5.5 +105. The cool thing at least is that I have these options as very few betting sites give players the option to move the line in both directions, and no site doing so offers alternative lines as competitively priced as 5Dimes.

Other Betting Options

At 5dimes you’ll course find all the usual wagering options such as point spreads, moneylines and totals, as well as the plethora of props and alternate lines already mentioned. Here you’ll find some unique wagering opportunities in the form of team totals, and period or quarter wagering. That’s right, it’s possible to bet on the result of the second, third and/or fourth quarter prior to the game even starting. Quite honestly, 5Dimes has more wagering opportunities than any other site. While their oddsmaker is sharp, with this many wagering options – there is no doubt value to be found.

5Dimes Bonus Offers

At 5Dimes there are six different rewards programs to choose from. All players by default are given the reduced juice reward option, but if you’d like change programs you can contact live help right from their website to discuss changing to a different rewards option. It is advised you do this prior to making your opening deposit. To see the full write up of each rewards option – visit the 5Dimes website. Below I cover each in summary format.

  1. Reduced Juice Rewards – When staying with the default option on game day you’ll find a tab in the wagering menu called “Reduced” under NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA Betting, NCAA basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, grand slam tennis, PGA golf, boxing, MMA, and special events. Again this is only available on game day for most events, but to put it into perspective football and basketball use -105 base pricing where baseball and hockey use an unheard of -102/-103 nickel line overnight and an 8 cent line after 8AM. For most sports bettors this is the rewards option to stick with.
  2. Bonus Offers – This is an option where your account is eligible for bonus offers. The maximum bonus at sign up is 50% up to $400.00 however for deposits $401 to $2,000 you’ll get the 50% bonus on the first $400 and a 20% bonus on the remainder. Therefore the maximum bonus is (50% of $400 = $200) + (20% of $1600 = $320) = $520 total. You’ll also be eligible for a 25% reload bonus up to $500 on person to person transfers made each month. Now to interject my opinion quickly, if you look into the fine print you’ll find this bonus option is not ideal for “most” punters. If you’re mostly betting a sport that isn’t covered in reduced juice such as soccer, cricket or rugby this bonus might be for you. For everyone else note that the bonuses come in the form of “free play” (as opposed to “cash”) credits, and these are only released in 10% increments for each rollover. So if your bonus reward is $520 you’ll get $52.00 in free play credits for each $520 wagered, meaning it takes a 10x rollover to receive the full value. Again for most, the reduced juice option will come out better.
  3. Cashback Rewards – With this option you can select to get 20% of your losses back as cash every 6 months, or 15% of your losses back as cash every 30 days, or 10% of you losses back weekly. Additionally after getting your cash back, if you haven’t made any withdrawals and your account goes bust – you have 24 hours to claim a reload bonus of 10%. This rewards option is worth considering if you wager frequently in the casino and also bet sports, or if you’re someone who doesn’t wager often at all, but when you do wager you wager big. For example someone who only bets $2,000 on the Super Bowl, NCAA National Championship Game, and maybe a few tennis and golf matches per year, might consider this option over the default reduced juice rewards.
  4. -107 Juice Including Parlays – If you bet a lot of parlays this is an option you’ll want to get your account converted to. Instead of getting -105 reduced juice on game day you’ll get -107, but the big draw is all your parlays will also be calculated at -107 true odds. Take for example a 5 team parlay, at most betting sites the fixed odds are 20 to 1 at 5Dimes using -107 true odds a winning 5 team parlay pays 26.10 to 1. If you bet a lot of parlays contact 5Dimes to change your rewards program to option #4.
  5. Point Buying Reward – This is solid option that gives players the ability to buy points at better than standard odds, and also gives them Vegas rules on two team teasers (meaning a push + a loss = a push). While this option can have significant value to certain punters, most will still want to stick to option #1, reduced juice.
  6. Casino Rebate Rewards – This is the best option for those who use 5Dimes mostly for casino wagering. If you’re also betting sports this would not be an option worth considering.
  7. Additional Promotions

    At 5Dimes there is a plethora of additional promotions. In the casino you’ll find Reversed Commission Pai Gow Tuesdays, Radical Roulette Wednesdays, 100x Craps on Thursdays, 2 to 1 Blackjack Blow-Out Fridays, Deuces Wild 100.76% Payout Saturdays and Jokers Wild 100.64% Payout Sundays. You’re also eligible for a $25 free bet in there live casino, for details refer to the Rewards Page of the 5Dimes website.

    More Everyday Great Value at 5Dimes

    At 5Dimes there is a plethora of other wagering options with industry leading odds. For example they offer 728 different options for teaser betting, not including their hundreds of options available for wagering pleasers. They also have the most comprehensive future betting selections on the market including winners of divisions and championships, all with the lowest percent market available on the net. The bottom line this site offer US players the most value. They do however one unresolved dispute which is mentioned on our page US betting sites.

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5Dimes has been around for quite some time now and is known to many as one of the top betting sites in the US. It offers a unique variety of betting markets, reduced juice betting, and great odds.

As our 5Dimes review gets underway, we’re aiming to find out if they truly meet the high expectations and if they should be labeled a top choice for online sports bettors.

5Dimes Review 2020

  • Withdrawal time – 24 hours – 7 days
  • Restricted countries – UK, Russia, France, Portugal, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary
  • Payment methods – Visa, MasterCard, bitcoin, Person to Person
  • Features – Sportsbook, Casino, Poker
  • Support – Phone, email, live chat
  • Best for – Sports betting
  • Bonuses – Match bonus, reload bonus, free payout reward, cash back reward, reduced juice bonus, referral bonus, free deposit bonus, cash match bingo bonus, horse rebate


Going through the 5Dimes registration form is a real hell-on-earth experience. Setting up a password alone requires numbers, letters, special characters, and the blood of a virgin (the last one is optional).

Then, I had this error message pop up a couple of times stating that my info matches that of another account, or that there was an error verifying my email, so I got to enjoy the registration rollercoaster again and again, and again — what more do you want from me — birth certificate, drivers license, my electricity bill for the last five years?

Why should it take me half an hour and a severe headache just to create my account? No one has the time to spare, people will just go to another sportsbook. Registration should be smooth, easy, and with a couple of clicks, the way Nitrogen Sports have it. You can leave the personal info part for whenever the account holder wants to withdraw.


Nothing too fancy here. You may even say the design is rather plain and lackluster and I won’t argue with you on that. Seems like 5Dimes doesn’t give a dime about staying in touch with the modern-day staples of betting sites — pleasant visuals and intuitive UI.

This is a shame, especially with the company priding itself as a top player in the betting industry. Hopefully, they will realize the need for a redesign sooner rather than later.

5Dimes Pros

  • An abundance of betting markets
  • Lots of bonuses and rewards (reduced juices)
  • Variety of betting odds
  • 24/7 support
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Reputable history

5Dimes Cons

  • Lackluster interface
  • Hellish registration form
  • Some country restrictions

5Dimes Sportsbook


While there is an emphasis on US sports2019 s enhanced reverse proof silver eagle. like NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA football, you can also find a wide selection of international markets. 5Dimes sports betting is generally known for its splendid variety of markets and high odds.

These include, but are not limited to, MMA, tennis, soccer, rugby golf, boxing, cricket, snooker, volleyball, motor racing, eSports, pro wrestling. You can even find betting options like competitive eating, and politics.

5dimes Live Lines Odds

The 5Dimes Racebook further lets you bet on horse and greyhound racing.


Speaking about 5Dimes odds – they really are worth your while. Teasers, parlays, futures, straight wagers, if bets, reverse bets, Asian handicaps, pleasers, round-robins, and action reverses are all featured.

The most talked-about feature is probably their reduced juice betting. 5Dimes applies it for most of their sports including NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA Football, NHL, MMA, PGA Golf, and more.

5dimes College Football Lines

5Dimes Casino

5Dimes divides its casino into 4 sections. It offers over 200 games and 90 unique slot games. These include baccarat, roulette, craps, and several blackjack games. You can also play the live versions of these games.

The 5Dimes casino is one of the oldest active operators in the US. A lot of players prefer it because of its quick withdrawals, a large number of games, and reliability. What’s really cool about it though is the first deposit bonus.

You can get a 50% match rate of up to $125. Remember, you need to deposit a minimum of $100 to apply for this bonus. It’s important to note that this will not happen by default. You must contact support via live chat, email, or telephone within 24 hours of your first deposit. If you don’t do this – you will not get your first deposit bonus.

Here are all the bonus amounts you can earn:

  • Deposit $100 – $50 bonus
  • Deposit $150 – $75 bonus
  • Deposit $200 – $100 bonus
  • Deposit $250 – $125 bonus

While the 5Dimes casino is a decent option, it’s not at the same level as the sportsbook. Sports betting is definitely what 5Dimes excels at.

5Dimes Poker

You could say 5Dimes poker isn’t the main attraction for 5Dimes users and you would be right. Online poker was only added to the platform’s services a few years ago. Still, there are a couple of promotions to grab your attention. There’s a 27% rake back in the Shark Tank, which applies to your account every Wednesday.

In the Grand Poker Room, you have the Bad Beat Jackpot and Grand Poker Points. The way you accumulate the latter is that you get 250 GPP for every $1 in rake. You can then exchange these points for cash back (about 35% rake back).

Also, you do have quite a variety of online poker games – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low, Seven Card Stud. And there are more than 25 weekly tournaments, with the main attraction being the $15K Guaranteed Tournament every Sunday.

5Dimes Deposits & Withdrawals

The 5Dimes deposit methods include bitcoin, Visa, and MasterCard, as well as person to person. Bear in mind that deposits aren’t processed instantly. With bitcoin, you can expect your 5Dimes deposit to be valid in around half an hour.

Bitcoin, check, wire transfer, and person to person can be used for 5Dimes withdrawal. Bitcoin withdrawals usually take 24 hours, but you may receive your funds in just a couple of hours.

There are no fees associated with the number one cryptocurrency and ultimately 5Dimes bitcoin withdrawal is the biggest bargain in terms of no additional losses for fees, etc.

Cash-outs via checks take about a week to be processed and have a withdrawal fee of $40 or $80 depending on the amount.

The max withdrawal limit for each check is $7,500 and you can receive a free check once every 30 days if you request your withdrawal by 1 PM on Monday.

Person to person transfers require up to 48 hours to be processed. They have a maximum limit of $450 and come with a fee of $10 to $35 per transaction.

5Dimes payout via bank wire has a minimum amount of $1,000 and a maximum of $9,500.

5Dimes Bonuses

The platform offers a rich array of rewards and bonus options. You have free payout rewards, reload bonuses, match bonuses, cash back rewards, as well as the well-known reduced juice betting. You are able to choose your bonus upon signing up for the site, but keep in mind that the default bonus is the reduced juice one.

Here’s a brief on what the 5Dimes promotions are all about:

  • 50% Sports Bonus – If your first deposit is between $100 and $2,000 you get a 50% Sign Up Bonus for your new account. You must request your bonus within 24 hours of your deposit and it also comes with a 10x rollover requirement.
  • 100% Cash Match Bingo Bonus – You can win a 100% Cash Match Bonus up to $100 on your first transfer from your main balance to your bingo balance. In addition, every single bingo card/ticket you purchase will give you points – which can be used later for big cash awards.
  • 9% Horse RebateGrab up to 9% on your daily bets, be it wins or losses. With no minimum, nor maximum daily volume requirements.
  • Refer a Friend – Referring a friend to join 5Dimes will grant you 20% of his initial deposit. The maximum payout you can get is $200 if your friend deposits $1,000.
  • Reload Bonus – You can earn as much as $500 every time you reload your account. However, your reload deposit must be at least $100. For deposits of $249 or lower, the fixed bonus amount is $40, while all deposits of $250 and higher receive 20% of the deposit ($500 max). If you want to claim the maximum bonus of $500 you need to deposit $2,500.
  • Cash Back on Losses – You can actually recoup some of your losses across the sportsbook, casino and racebook combined. You have three options for this deal and you can choose only one of them: 10% cash back – awarded on a weekly basis, every Tuesday; 15% cash back – awarded once every 30 days; 20% cash back – can be requested twice a year.
  • Casino Rebate – Just like the cash back on losses, but solely for the casino. Here you have two options: 14% rebate – redeemable once a week, every Wednesday; 21% rebate – can be claimed once a month.
  • Free Deposit Promotion – get this straight – your eight and ninth deposit in 5Dimes is completely covered by the company. To qualify, you must have made seven deposits and the deposit amount for each must be totally exhausted. 5Dimes calculates your bonus based on the sum of your first seven deposits and your losses. The maximum amount you can receive with this bonus is $5,000.
  • Free Payout Promotion – Once a month you can get a free 5Dimes payout. Withdrawals fees are charged as regular, so the only method that can really guarantee you a free withdrawal with no fees is bitcoin.
  • Reduced Juice Bonus – This is the default bonus set when you register an account and most people say it’s the best 5Dimes bonus. In short, the betting odds are lowered to -105, instead of the usual -110 juice, so you ultimately get an additional -5 off the juice, which is particularly beneficial for regular bettors.

5Dimes Support

The company has dedicated a lot of resources to customer support. There’s a 5Dimes phone number for all your needs, including new accounts, sports wagering, and horse wagering. And if phone calls are not your thing, there’s the 5Dimes live chat service, too. The platform further has email support you can reach via [email protected].

Ultimately, 5Dimes customer service does deliver in multiple aspects, trying to be as helpful to customers as possible, and on a 24/7 basis. In my case, I dropped them an email. A support representative replied within a few hours.

Initially, his response was that he wanted my support pin to assist me. After replying that he doesn’t need a pin to answer a few simple questions, he did return with an email with the information I required.


5Dimes is restricted in a few countries, including the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, and Portugal.

It’s important to mention that while the platform is generally well-rated, there are some complaints, most notably on Reddit.

Gamble for Fun. Be Responsible

Gambling should always be responsible and fun. Please stop gambling, if you’re not having fun and if you’re starting to suffer physical and/or psychological damage as a result of it.

Apsportseditors.org does not promote or endorse any form of wagering or gambling to users under the age of 18. This site only encourages responsible gambling. If you believe you have a gambling problem, please visit BeGambleAware or GamCare for more information and professional help.


Q: Is 5Dimes reliable?
A: The platform has been operating for some time now and is generally considered to be reliable. The company offers fast withdrawals and 5Dimes lines for US players are among the best.

Q: Is 5Dimes illegal?
A: 5Dimes is not illegal. Even though the company is based in Costa Rica, it is a legal betting option for US players.

Q: Where is 5Dimes located?
A: Established in 1996, 5Dimes is an offshore sportsbook with headquarters in Costa Rica.

Q: How do I withdraw money from 5Dimes?
A: The 5Dimes payout department is open Monday through Sunday from 9 AM to 11 PM EST. You can request your withdrawal at any given time by calling the company’s toll-free number – 1-800-430-5896 or dropping an email at [email protected]

5Dimes Verdict

5Dimes may be labeled among the most reputable online sportsbooks, but I can’t really say it’s among the best legal betting sites in the US.

The 5Dimes registration form is the thing nightmares are made of, and the 5Dimes main site is not something to praise either.

In conclusion to our 5Dimes review, here’s what you should know in a nutshell:

5Dimes live lines are worth following and the 5Dimes sportsbook is at an above-average level. The reduced juice is really a catch and some of the bonuses are very tempting. 5Dimes casino is a good place for gamblers, but their poker options can be improved.

Our final score: 6.8/10
We recommend this site to anyone who enjoys sports betting with loads of bonuses.