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7s To Burn is played on a set of three reels with three rows of symbols on each, and there are five pay lines in total. Bets start at 0.10 per spin, up to 100.00, and the maximum possible win is 1250x the stake, or 125,000 coins. Despite its classic style, 7s To Burn is a. We all love a classic title here at Wombat Towers, so the 7s to Burn slot is a welcome burst of retro-styled gaming with plenty of pyrotechnic oomph. This game sure is a heated affair. And of course, it’s refreshing to have a little after-burner button for the high rollers out there to play with. 7’s to Burn slot game can be found and played for real money at Kaiser Slots and Flume casino sites. There is no ‘game feature’ so to speak, but the big money is found when you manage to match 3 of the ‘7’ symbols in a row.


Retro slot games are not dead, on the contrary they are hotter than ever on the market and many players, newcomers and veterans alike, find something to like about this simple slots. 7s to Burn from Barcrest is a perfect illustration of that phenomenon: a simple game with intuitive rules and a small reel set, plus the potential to lure many players in.

100% bonus up to $200


When it comes to online slot games, we’re very difficult to please as far as classic slots go. This is mainly due to the fact that the vast majority of them all look alike and have the same type of features – or lack thereof. 7s to Burn is a classic slot offering from Barcrest, so at first glance it doesn’t really appear to have anything different to all others in this genre. You’ll need to dig a bit deeper into the game’s special features to discover its hidden treasures. Of course, if you’re the kind of player who enjoys traditional slots on the whole, it will no doubt be of great interest to you. However, for those of you who may be like us and a little bit sceptical of playing such, allow us to illuminate you on this. Let’s take a look at everything that this game offers up.

This game has a total of three different reels, much as any classic slot does. There are also three rows on hand as well. This is a fairly basic traditional slot layout and Barcrest has also made sure to add a total of five different pay lines into it as well. These are set into position, so you cannot customise them in any way. However, players do have the option of customising the amount of the wager that they place per spin. This is done by using the up and down arrows to the left hand side of the reels. With these, you can adjust the wager that you place between $0.10 and $500 per spin. Unlike standard video slots, this one does not have an Autoplay button. And while this differs to video slots, it’s basically quite common place for classic slots.

As far as the overall design of the game is concerned, the graphics on display are quite nice. The background looks like a shot of hell with all of its flames, while the symbols on the reels are very much relative to the theme. To begin with, and of course because it’s a classic slot, you’ll find fruit symbols. Melbet.com download. These start with the cherries and oranges and following on from those are the lemons and plums. There’s also the inclusion of watermelons on the reels. The next icon is that of the traditional BAR symbol, while gold stars and bells make up another two. Finally, you’ll find that the last two icons exist in the form of 7s. The first is a plain 7, while the second is a 7 icon which is on fire – hence, the game’s title.

As we said, it’s not very common for classic slots to really have special features. And if they do, they’re usually quite minimal at best. Barcrest tends to stick to this formula with 7s to Burn, only incorporating a couple of different additions. The first of these is making the aflame 7s wild icons. Usually, wilds will substitute for all other symbols on the reels to form a winning combination. Although, there’s usually the exception of additional feature icons. However, in this slot, the flaming 7s only stand in for the standard 7 symbols. This gives you a lot lower chances of forming wins with a wild in it. However, if three of the flaming 7s show up on a winning pay line, you’ll receive a pay out of 250 times your wager.

The second speciality that is available in this game is the Hi Roller option. This is something that you’re able to bring into effect yourself, simply by pressing the button on the right hand side of the reels. Doing so will inform you that you will play 5 Hi Roller Spins for an amount that you will specify. This is anywhere from between $20 through to $500. During Hi Roller spins, the flaming 7s are still wilds, but they substitute for all symbols in this feature. Therefore, you’re given more chances to form wins from such. However, the pay outs for all wins that you form are half of what they would be in the standard base game.

Classic slot games all tend to follow much the same formula in terms of gameplay and specialities. So, advising on similar games to 7s to Burn is basically like picking a name out of a hat. However, you could try your hand at the 3-reel offering from Novomatic known as Bar 7s. This one does feature eight pay lines, rather than just five and it lacks a wild icon as well. However, everything else is much the same. Bar 7s make up the main symbols on its reels. Or perhaps you’d like Fruit Slots from Microgaming if you prefer seeing fruit icons on the reels. This is a very sub-standard classic slot machine game. It doesn’t contain any wilds or additional features. It’s basically just a spin and win type of game. Nothing more.
The good thing about this classic slot game is that it does present you with a couple of special features. There’s nothing worse these days than sitting there spinning the reels of a game and nothing extra happening. The Hi Roller addition is quite a nice perk, although the fact that it halves your winnings in comparison to the base game is quite a sly move by Barcrest.

Let’s talk about 7s Burn Slot. If you are a fan of excitement and suspense games, you prefer to switch between the different slots games that may drive your enthusiasm and excitement, you are a fan of the three classic roller games, or if you play recently and have not visited any casino before in your real life, then this game is definitely the perfect choice for you to live the exciting experience.

The 7s Burn Slots game is one of the most famous gambling games ever and is known for its traditional distinctive type among all the games. This fiery game that is filled with burning symbols and amazing classic awards.

7s To Burn Demo Playlist

The 7s Burn Slots game has just 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines and this allows you to play this great game is a different betting experience and there is no specific number for bets as the game allows you the flexibility to select bets, you can install your bet for just one roll or you can change your bet to reduce or increase it in every roll. You can manually play this game by pressing the spin button on each roll or you can choose the automatic spin play mode for a specified number of turns.

About the game

Don’t you feel that this is the time to get the jackpot in this amazing game? To play this game you have to set your bet on the screen taking into account the minimum and maximum bets that the game allows you to and then press the spin button to roll the reels or turn on the automatic mode for multiple rolls, after deciphering these three rolls, you will find there are some different symbols that appear in front of you in each of the three parallel rows that contain the reels.

These three symbols should be similar until you win your prize and your bet or maybe the jackpot. If these three symbols are similar, you have won your game. If these three symbols differ, it is best to try your luck again to win more. The more you play, the more winning you get. We wish you the best of luck the next time.

7s Burn Slot features

This game has many features that make it different and more interesting than other slot games, it has a Hi-Roller mode feature, and to start Hi-Roller mode, just click the button and 5 Hi-Roller rollers will be activated. You can select the Hi-Roller option to run 5 × Hi-Roller Spins by clicking the Yes or No button on the Hi-Roller screen.

Slot players can enjoy 7’s To Burn Slots in demo mode or put real money. You should also make sure to increase your chances to play to get the 77 Wild Symbol, which may appear if you get 3 symbols from the game on a winning payline from the five paylines, and this will multiply your winning 100 times, and then the other symbols on the rollers will be replaced by this winning symbol.

And if the symbol 77 Burning Wild Symbol appears, then that is the time you have to direct all your focus to the game Now, it indicates you the jackpot and to get 250x of your winning. Just find 77 symbols on any winning paylines.

7s Burn Slot Symbols and more

The 7s to Burn Reel symbol which is an important symbol in this game, as its appearance indicates that you need to start your attempts to find the two-star symbols over two ringing bells, and if you win three of these then you will win a 40x winning bet. And if you then get two watermelons above the double bar icon, you are competing with a multiplier of 20x plus two double fruit icons which gives you 8x. Also, there is Return to Player feature, RTP for this game is 95.25%. Breakdown voids or plays and payouts. You will have found an instant reward of fruits that you certainly do not want to miss.

There are many bonuses for this game right away! We have collected all the offers available for the rewards in this game to ignite your enthusiasm and excite you enough for this great experience in the game, all you have to do is check all the rewards available in the 7s Burn Slots game for a wonderful and integrated experience.


Non-deposit bonus: When you play more than once, you may get distinguished rewards such as the non-deposit bonus, you may play without depositing a sum of money.

Welcome Bonus: You may get a welcome bonus from the free bets or turns when you start playing the game.

Free Spin Bonus: You may get one or more free spins through the game as a reward for you.

High bets bonus: You can get a bonus through the game when you set a high bet on one or more rollers.

The more gameplay, the more rewards in the game to ignite your excitement and passion.

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7s To Burn Demo Playstation 4

What is more attractive than a new 3 reel slot like the one offered by Barcrest? Well, a lot of things actually; the sun, for one thing, and also the fire. Oh, and there are spas, hot tamales, and even hot potatoes. Well, wherever the 7th Burn is on the heat scale, it certainly does everything it can to make the spinners sweat with a burning aesthetic, including a wall of flames in which the 3 reels are embedded.

7s To Burn Demo Play

Above the reels are timeless icons from the gallery archive, such as hot red cherries, juicy oranges and lemons, plump plums, and refreshing watermelons, not to mention a host of other classic symbols such as doubles. BARS, golden bells, and stars.

7s To Burn Demo Play Store

However, the stars in the slot machine are two symbols, each with a pair of 77. The first one is just an ordinary design icon with a normal bet multiplier payout value, warm enough to be honest with you. The other icon is a flaming shroud and will surely raise the mercury a notch or two as it contains the key to the game’s jackpot while also acting as a wild symbol that replaces the lower value 77 icons to complete the winning lines during the standard spin game.

There are 7 to engrave on this classic 3 reel Barcrest slot machine. So make sure you turn on the air conditioning or at least open a window or something because things are about to get hot here. And when it comes to steam, perhaps a more accurate description would be slightly higher than room temperature. That’s because this retro 5-line pay game is not going to ignite your spinning desires with particularly extravagant special features.