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To install 888poker, simply click on “Download” then “Save As” and then “Run” to complete the installation. 888poker is a multiple EGR Award winner, including Poker Operator of the Year and Poker Marketing Campaign of the Year Enjoy the ultimate online poker experience! Choose between Texas Hold’em.

PokerStars is one of the most popular ways worldwide to play online poker. However, it isn’t flawless and occasional issues will come up here or there from time to time. Luckily, the community is so big and the support team so experienced, that most issues can be solved relatively easily. So, if, for example, your PokerStars won’t open on mac – Fix &. 888poker is a free online poker client for Mac OS. Main features: - A massive match-up bonus for every new player. Mac Client Software Provides Vegas-Style Poker Entertainment - Users can participate in.

888 Poker is one of the five biggest online poker rooms on the planet - a rank you certainly don't achieve by limiting the number of people who can play at your site. Part of the equation for attracting the broadest array of poker players is software compatibility - namely, how many different platforms does the 888 Poker software client support? In this article, we're going to detail 888 Poker's level of compatibility with one specific platform as we explore the options available for Mac poker players at 888.

Native Mac client for 888 Poker

Can you play 888 Poker using a Mac? It's possible, but you can't do it with a native client for the Mac - 888 Poker does not have a native, installable client for Mac available. This is not entirely unusual among major online poker sites - plenty of rooms on the iPoker Network, for instance, don't offer any sort of native, downloadable client developed specifically for the Mac operating system.

But that doesn't mean you're out of luck if you're a Mac user who wants to play at 888 Poker - read on for some alternatives that allow Mac players to access 888 Poker.

If you absolutely must have this feature at an online poker site, you might want to check out PokerStars, which offers a fully-featured software client for Mac users. You can read more about how to play poker on a Mac here.

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Emulating Windows to Play 888 Poker on Mac

So 888 Poker doesn't provide players with a native Mac client - does that mean Mac poker players can't play at 888 Poker? Absolutely not. One way around the lack of a Mac client for 888 Poker is using a Windows emulator - a program that allows you to run a 'virtual' computer within your Mac that can run Windows programs like the PC version of 888 Poker's software. These programs are low-cost, very secure and - as a bonus - will allow you to run additional poker software that you normally wouldn't be able to access using your Mac.

888 poker mac os x

If you're worried that the above sounds too complex for a typical Mac user, don't be. Getting an emulator setup on your Mac shouldn't take an hour, let alone a day. You'll be up and running before you know it, no advanced technical knowledge required.

Using the Instant Play version of 888 Poker

If you don't want to go through the effort of installing a Windows emulator on your Mac (although, to be fair, it's not really any more trouble than installing a typical program), you still have an option remaining that will allow you to play 888 Poker on your Mac.

888 Poker offers an instant play version of their software that runs entirely within a web browser. Based on Java, this version of the 888 Poker is cross-platform and can run on any operating system that supports a standard web browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. No download is required to play 888 Poker using this version of the software - you just point your browser to the webpage where the Instant Play version of 888 Poker is located and sign in to your 888 account.

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888 Poker offers its players an intuitive gaming platform loaded with special features and customization options. While no version of the 888 Poker software exists for the Mac operating system, the Windows version of the software has been faithfully adapted into an Instant Play option that will work on any computer. This means that not only can Mac users access the games and tournaments available at 888 Poker, but they can do so from any computer that has an Internet connection and a Flash enabled browser.

Accessing 888 Poker for Mac

1. Begin by navigating to the 888 Poker home page and clicking the Instant Play link

2. The 888 Poker Instant Play option is played in a separate window so be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker or set up your browser to allow pop-ups from 888 Poker in order to experience this option.

3. You must access the Instant Play software from a Flash enabled browser. If your Flash player is not up to date, you will be prompted to automatically update it at this time.

4. If you are given a security warning, click Allow in order to access the program.

888 Poker Mac Play With Friends

5. If you have not signed up for an account yet you will automatically be taken to a registration screen where you will be asked for your credentials and payment option.

6. Once you have logged in with your new account you can begin playing immediately.

888 Poker System Requirements for Mac

There are only a few system specifications that are required in order to play at 888 Poker on a Mac and most Mac computers produced in the last ten years should be able to handle the Instant Play option. Mega win casino. Because no software must be installed, 888 Poker Instant Play can be used on older computers as well as Macbooks. The 888 Poker system requirements for Mac include:

A Flash enabled Internet browser such as Safari or Firefox

888 Poker Mac

888 Poker Mac Download

An Internet connection of at least 56k dial-up, though a faster connection is recommended

At least 128MB of RAM on the hard drive

A screen resolution of at least 800X600 pixels

Optional sound card and speakers to hear the game's sound effects.

Differences between Windows and Mac Version

There are only a few small differences between the Windows executable program and the browser-only version of the software. For the most part, these differences are only cosmetic. While the Windows version offers updated graphics and the option to play in 3-D, the Instant Play option has as simpler interface for a more streamlined playing experience. The Instant Play version also does not allow you to know how many players are waiting to get onto a particular table and does not have the capability to allow players to use the function keys to make gaming decisions. Other than these few small differences, the same great games and tournaments are available to all players using a Mac.

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