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Gambling is one of the oldest leisure activities in human history; dating back to the Paleolithic period, before written history.

Ten years after it opened, the resort still welcomes 75,000 visitors a day and has played the biggest part in transforming Macau into the most successful gambling city in the world. Last year alone, Macau generated HK$217 billion in casino revenue, nearly five times the intake of the Vegas Strip. Macau casinos ended their worst year on record with little sign of progress in a recovery, though hopes remain for a rebound in the world’s largest gambling hub later in 2021.

  1. All the casinos provide free shuttle service from the ferry terminal or the airport. Venetian Macau It is not unknown to all that the Venetian Macau is the biggest casino in the world and is built over 550,000 square feet area.
  2. The casino is known for awarding the biggest jackpots in Macau. The property features a total 2,200 rooms if you count the second tower, which is home to a Banyan Tree Hotel and Hotel Okura. Don't forget to check out the rooftop beach and wave pool.
  3. All the top-class amenities and facilities are awaiting you in the form of top-flight hotel restaurants, fitness clubs, spas, bars and whatever takes your fancy. The great advantage of the most popular Macau hotels is that they are all in close vicinity to the island's travel hubs, sightseeing locations and, of course, the casinos.

It was first invented in Mesopotamia, a historical region of Western Asia, where the Chinese invented a game of chance using tiles. This was back in 3,000 BC, though some 5,000 years later, Asia’s gambling game has stayed strong.

Whether it’s the thrill of the tumbling dice, the suspense of the spinning wheel, or the charm of how the cards might turn, gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes in Asia for both locals and tourists alike (according to smart casino guide).

Biggest Casino Operator In Macau

There’s no better place to experience the thrill of the casino than in the region that gambling was first invented, and for travelers interested in rolling the dice, you’ll be pleased to learn that the three biggest casinos in Asia are all in Macau.

They don’t call it the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ for nothing!

#3 MGM Grand Macau

The MGM Grand Macau is the cousin of the famous MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, so as you would expect, this is one of the most sought after and highly visited casinos in Asia.

The casino is bigger than the Las Vegas version in terms of square feet, but not with anything else. There are a tenth fewer hotel rooms in the Asian casino, and more importantly for gamers, only a third of the game total that the Las Vegas casino offers.

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Though this doesn’t make it any less exciting.

The name alone carries this casino and ensures that it remains a popular place to play. The total square foot of the casino stands at an impressive 267,000 in total, giving those who visit a lot of space to move around, a theme through many Asian casinos compared to those in America.

Image credit: Diego Delso (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Flickr

#2 City of Dreams Macau

Boasting nearly 200,000 more square feet than the MGM Grand Macau, the City of Dreams takes the sheer size of gaming up a level in Macau.

Biggest Casino In Macau

It is quite apt to call this casino the City of Dreams, as the shops and services on offer inside are the same as what you would find in a city, such is the size of it.

Biggest Casino In Macau


This is far more than just a gaming casino, look out for high-end boutiques where you can spend your winnings and of course they offer players the chance to stay in a hotel inside the casino for the ultimate gaming holiday.

How many casinos are there in macau

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With 448,000 square feet to fill, you can find everything you’ll ever need, and should you be lucky enough to stay inside this casino, even when you want a break from gaming you won’t have to leave if you don’t want to!

Inside you will find many great restaurants alongside the shops on offer, all offering you the chance to get away from gaming for a short while, just to recharge the batteries before you are ready to hit the tables and slot machines once again.

#1 The Venetian Macau

Not only the biggest casino in Asia, but also the second biggest casino in the world,The Venetian Macau is paradise for gaming lovers.

This is not just a casino though, expect anything and everything under this roof, which should be no surprise to you considering they have an enormous 546,000 square feet of space to fill inside this huge entertainment centre!

As far as gaming goes, you’ll find 3,000 machines and 870 gaming tables; the choice on offer here is exceptional. However, this is more than just gaming, it is about the overall experience of the place, and that is finished off nicely with the other services on offer inside.

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For those looking for a fine dining experience, you have 24 high-end bars and restaurants to choose from. Fancy a swim? You have the choice of not one, but four swimming pools.

And of course, those who have traveled to Asia for the shopping can literally shop till they drop, and it all comes under the one roof.

If you’re looking for an experience in Asia, and want more than just gaming, The Venetian is the place to be. Being here will transport you into a world that offers the chance to see and do things you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams!

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