Biggest Lottery Winners Where Are They Now
  • A Typical Story? Lisa Arcand won $1 million in the Massachusetts lottery in 2004.
  • The states with the most Powerball winners are: It comes as no surprise that majority of the winners are from Indiana, Missouri, and Minnesota. After all, these states have been selling Powerball tickets since the game's early days. Props to New York, though.

New Zealand Biggest Lottery Winners Where are They now. Pokie spins app. Australia Powerball. New Zealand may be a relatively new country, but it has a long history of lottery jackpots and its national lottery (known simply as “Lotto”) has given away more than $30 billion in its three decade history.

For many people, winning the lottery is a dream come true. There are often millions of dollars that are awarded and life seems like it would be easier. For many lottery winners, however, life becomes anything but simple. It could be said, in fact, that winning the lottery won’t make you happy at all.

Lottery Winners That Are Now Broke

In multiple studies, people who win the lottery are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy every year than the general population.

Why is it that lottery winners can go bankrupt so quickly? Part of it is because of the rapid influx of money. When possessions are the gears that generate personal happiness, it is easy to go on a spending spree to buy nice things. It can even seem like that money will never run out! That’s the problem with money, however, because even hundreds of millions of dollars will eventually disappear under poor budgeting habits.

Three Fast Facts About Lottery Winner Bankruptcies

1. According to multiple studies, about 70% of all lottery winners end up going broke and filing for a bankruptcy.
2. About 1% of lottery winners will go bankrupt every single year.
3. In a recent study of lottery winners, only 55% of them felt like they were happier after winning the lottery than before it – 43% said that their money had no effect on their happiness.

Takeaway: If you look at this sample data, it is clear to see that money doesn’t actually buy happiness. It can purchase a peace of mind because there is an improved level of financial security so that there are fewer worries. 23% of lottery winners say, however, that the reason they were happier because they could buy whatever they wanted. There were even 2% of respondents who said that they were less happy with life after winning the lottery! Although it seems like a dream come true, without proper management, it could end up destroying a life instead.

What Does Winning The Lottery Actually Do To Life?

1. 95% of people who have won the lottery are still married after they’ve won all that cash.
2. 58% of people say that their extended family is happier because they were able to win the lottery and provide better financial support.
3. 37% of people stated that their families were less happy because of winning the lottery.
4. 9 out of every 10 lottery winners believe that their new family wealth will be gone by the third generation.
5. 83% of lottery winners have given at least some portion of their winnings to another family member, with siblings being the most likely family members to receive some cash.
6. 17% of families asked their family member who won a lottery of at least $100,000 for a cash gift. Lottery winners who won at least $4 million saw twice as many cash requests.
7. 90% of winners who already had a best friend say that their relationship is still intact.

Takeaway: Although it is easy to see how money could change someone or a family, it’s refreshing to see that for most families it doesn’t make too many changes. Relationships are intact for the most part and families are able to prepare for a more secure financial future. It is interesting, however, to see that most families believe that the money which was won will be gone in less than a century – even with proper investments. This means bankruptcy isn’t just a risk right now for a lottery winner. It also means that families over the long term may also be at a higher risk for a bankruptcy as well.

What Do Lottery Winners Spend Money On?


1. 44% of lottery winners had spent all of their winnings within 5 years of winning the lottery.
2. 4 out of every 10 lottery winners have made a focused effort to increase the amount of contributions to a charity.
3. 1 out of 5 lottery winners decide to take their first vacation outside of their home country for the first time with their winnings.
4. 7% of lottery winners decide to purchase a RV of some sort.
5. 75% of lottery winners who live in an apartment at the time of their win will move into a single family home.
6. 1 out of 4 lottery winners have purchased land or a home in a foreign country with their new money.
7. Only 3% of lottery winners have moved their children from public to private schools.

Takeaway: The most interesting statistic of all is that 1 in 3 lottery winners have gained weight since they won the lottery. The effect of stuff on happiness must also transfer over to dietary aspects as people purchase food items that they may not always purchase or choose to eat out more often because of their increase in available money. It is clear to see that lottery winners have a higher risk of bankruptcy simply because there is a lack of control within the spending process for a vast majority of people and little focus on long-term investments.

It Doesn’t Take A Lot To Increase Bankruptcy Risk

1. Lottery winners with a prize of at least $50,000 are more likely to file for bankruptcy within 5 years of winning their prize.
2. Overall happiness levels of lottery winners spikes when they win, but returns to pre-winning levels within months.
3. It’s not all bad – a 2006 UK study showed that lottery winners tend to have better psychological health than the general population.
4. For lottery prizes that are less than 1 year of a person’s income, personal happiness is not affected whatsoever and neither are the bankruptcy risks.
5. One of the greatest misconceptions that people have in winning the lottery is that it will change your outlook on life, but it does not change you as a person.
6. New Yorkers are shelling out more than $9 billion a year to try their luck in the lotto.

Takeaway: If you ever win the lottery, create a budget and a new life plan. Keep your spending in control. Don’t do anything crazy with your cash. Be smart about your investments and you’ll be able to pursue your dreams. If you don’t, you might just end up filing for bankruptcy too.

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Colin and Christine Weir hold the distinction of being the biggest prize winners from the UK, having pocketed £161.6 million in July 2011. The Weirs moved into a fabulous new mansion worth £3.5 million in 2014, reportedly after only looking round the property for ten minutes. They also set up the Weir Charitable Trust, which continues to benefit Scottish communities today, and last year they donated another £1 million to the Scottish National Party ahead of their successful general election campaign.

When you land such a huge amount of cash, there is plenty left over to satisfy your own individual tastes. It was announced just this week that Adrian Bayford, who landed £148.6 million with his wife Gillian in August 2012, had bought the world’s largest collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia and was opening a new shop.

Biggest Lottery Winners Where Are They Now

Gillian, who split from Adrian, has also demonstrated that you can carry on living a normal life after a big lottery win, just with a few added perks. She has invested £3 million on properties and moved back to the Scottish town of Carnoustie where she grew up, but insisted in an interview last year that she only gave her children £3 a week in pocket money on the condition that they clean their rooms and make their beds.

What Has Happened To Big Lottery Winners

Neil Trotter, who scooped £107.9 million in March 2014, went on to swap his semi-detached house in Surrey for a mansion in Kent worth £5 million. Neil now owns a staggering 400 acres of land, including a lake, while he has eight bedrooms and plenty of space to keep both his ‘fleet of supercars’ and his partner’s horses.

Biggest Lottery Winners Where Are They Now

Biggest Lottery Winners Where Are They Now

A swanky new pad certainly seems to be high on the shopping list for many big winners, as Nigel and Justine Page also decided to move into a £6 million country manor at the start of this year. They had bought an eco house after bagging £56 million in 2010, but were able to switch to their new eight-bedroom accommodation in the Cotswolds before even selling their previous property.

Powerball Winners Where Are They Now

Whether you like the idea of treading a similar path to these former EuroMillions winners or have your own ambitions for what you could do with £46 million, you’ll need to buy a ticket to have any chance of boosting your bank balance by a substantial amount. You can play online or by visiting an authorised retailer in any of the participating countries, and you could just set yourself up for life if your numbers come up in the draw. Good luck!