Carioca Card Game Rules
  • Kaluki v.1.0.0 Kaluki (or Kalookie) is popular in Britain both in clubs and private games; there seems to be a preponderance of Jewish players. This software uses the rules issued by the Victoria Sporting Club in London and the Tiberius Sporting Club in Portsmouth. Kalookie is a rummy game which can be played here by from two to four players. Through drawing and discarding, the players try to.
  • Contract Rummy is for three or more players, Carioca is for two players Contract Rummy uses jokers, in Carioca use of jokers is optional In Contract Rummy, players are dealt different numbers of cards depending on the contract; in Carioca, players are always dealt 12 cards There are 7 contracts in Contract Rummy, 8 in Carioca.

Microsoft Carioca Rummy is a card game. The object of this unique card game, popular in countries like Argentina and Chile, is to get rid of all of your cards during each round.

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Carioca Card Game Rules Games

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Carioca Card Game Rules

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Carioca Card Game Rules

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