Do The Performers On The Masked Singer Get Paid

The rumoured salaries of The Masked Singer judges have been revealed. According to New Idea, Jackie 'O' Henderson, Dannii Minogue, Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes and Urzila Carlson all earn six-figure sums. The Masked Singer has had viewers hooked since it aired on ITV. The twist is contestants perform as quirky characters including chameleon, pharaoh and butterfly with a panel of judges trying to figure out their identities. Fans cannot wait to find out who wins the show. Do The Masked Singer contestants get paid? With her appearance on season three of The Masked Singer, her net worth has definitely risen from its estimated $14 million in 2019. Robin Thicke on ‘The Masked Singer’ It may be shocking to know that Robin Thicke is presumed to be the highest-paid judge. Network Ten’s hit new show The Masked Singer has already amassed a huge audience – but some fans aren’t convinced the performances are genuine. Viewers were quick to slam the singers on social media, suggesting they weren’t actually performing their songs live. Every episode of The Masked Singer was filmed in a large theater, filled with people, all of whom could, presumably, spoil the identity of any one of the singers through a casual tweet or message.


The Masked Singer have anonymous celebrities dress up in costumes and perform. The panel and everyone at home can then guess their identity. Of course, the premise of the show really relies on costumes to hide people’s identities. Fans may wonder if celebrities get to choose their costumes. Well, here is everything to know about how the costumes are selected and more.

Costume designer, Marina Toybina started with 20 sketches of costumes but selected 12

Do The Performers On The Masked Singer Get Paid Singer


Marina Toybina is the mastermind behind the elaborate costumes, according to Vanity Fair. She started by sketching 20 possible characters but ended up using 12. So do those characters get assigned or picked by the celebrities?

Celebrities are given options of a rendering of possible costumes and then get to choose

(L-R) Nick Cannon, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Margaret Cho revealed to E! News how her poodle costume on the show was chosen. First, she looked at renderings of possible costumes, she picked one, then had to go through multiple fittings.

“I was presented first with an artists’ rendering of the Poodle and the Alien,” the comedian explained. “I could choose between which one I wanted and chose the Poodle because I’m a dog lover, and I thought that would be really fun, and I loved how strangely robot the dog was, so I went with that.”

The costume got the job done because Cho is good friends with Ken Jeong and he had no clue it was Cho. She still was very nervous he would find her out.

“He, of anybody, is, of course, going to know,” said Cho. “But lucky for me, they kind of went on a different track, like oh it’s Judge Judy or Jane Fonda, and then they got kind of warm with Kathy Griffin. But it was tough, because I was really nervous, like Ken is going to know my voice, he’s going to know me.”

Toybina talked about the poodle design with Vanity Fair saying she was inspired by the dogs that are popular in Beverly Hills. She then put a twist on the recognizable breed by including geometric shapes “so it had this playful, high-end fashion feel to it, but also was a little bit on the diva side.”

Some celebrities don’t have a preference and then are assigned a costume

Picking one of the crazy costumes sounds fun. But not all celebrities have a preference of what they would like to perform in so when that happens Toybina has assigned the costume.

The designer revealed to Vanity Fair that her favorite costume so far is the lion “because it was so rich, as far as doing a sketch and figuring out how to make this character be royal, in a sense—god-like.” The mask is mostly likely expensive given it’s made out of pure gold.

So celebrities are given sketches to choose from but not all of them decide to choose so they get assigned a costume. They then have to go through multiple fittings before the show.

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The Masked Singer has started again with a new US series, airing on Fox. The UK version made its debut at the start of the year. The twist is contestants perform as quirky characters with a panel of judges trying to figure out their identities – but are they actually paid?

Do The Masked Singer contestants get paid?

Sadly it has not been revealed whether the contestants get paid to feature on the show.

Do Singers On The Masked Singer Get Paid

Bustle has reported the American version of the show is “just for fun”.

They said: “Each person behind the masks is a celebrity of some kind who presumably has plenty of money and opportunities, so it wouldn’t make sense to give them even more.

“Some other celebrity competitions ask competitors to each choose a charity to compete on behalf of, and donate any winnings to, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.”

With the obscure nature of the show it would make sense for it to be about the laughs and not the cash.


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Is there a prize at the end of The Masked Singer?

Sadly, it’s not made clear what the winner of ITV’s The Masked Singer will get as a prize.

In the American version of the show, T-Pain walked away with a trophy.

But there has never been any talk about prize money.

Other forums have suggested the prize is pretty much ‘bragging rights’.

Who are the judges on The Masked Singer?

The judging panel for the American version of the series is made up ofsinger Robin Thicke, TV personality Jenny McCarthy, actor and comedian Ken Jeong, and singer Nicole Scherzinger.

The show is hosted by Nick Cannon, an American actor and rapper, who is also unaware of who is behind the costume.

In the UK version of the series, the judges are singer Rita Ora, comedian and actor Jonathan Ross, TV personality Davina McCall and actor Ken Jeong.

The UK series is hosted by comedian Joel Dommett and he joins the panel in trying to guess the identity of the celebrities.

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How many contestants are there in The Masked Singer?

The American version has been going for three series and a few changes have been made for the new series.

The number of contestants has risen from 16 to 18 and they will be split up into three groups – A, B and C.

The singers will all be in costume and a panel of judges will have to try and guess who is behind the mask while voting for their favourite performer.

Three top singers from each group will come together to compete for the all-important trophy at the end.

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What is the aim of The Masked Singer?

There is already an American version of The Masked Singer on Fox.

In the UK version of the show there will be eight episodes in total.

The show’s biggest catch is the fact all contestants wear disguises and it is down to the audience and judges to solve who is singing.

At the end of the show the losing celebrity’s identity is revealed as they are unmasked on stage.

The Masked Singer US is available to watch on Fox

Do The Performers On The Masked Singer Get Paid

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