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System bets or yankee bets explained with examples. System bettings can also be used as strategy in sports betting to geht higher odds. Are you intent on starting a bet9ja shop? There are many benefits of being a bet9ja agent because it is a lucrative way to earn residual income viewing the fact that sports betting is a very.


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  • As we all know too well, bet9ja soccer betting simply means placing a wager on a sport or an on-going live match, as the case may be. A proper bettor bets on a team he sees fit to win using our bet9ja prediction sure Soccer .

    If his team wins, he takes his money and all the profits that comes with it. Whereas if his team should lose, he loses his money and take’s the loss like a real man lol.

    Sport betting presently is aggressively gaining huge popularity in Nigeria and the world at large. Though it’s not highly accepted in countries like United States unlike the rest of Europe and Africa.

    If by chance this is your first time trying sport betting, this guide provided by bet9ja prediction vip is probably the best option for you.

    Note: This websites is not in any way owned or managed by This platform was designed to help and assist bettor who are finding it difficult to win.

    We properly analyse every game before it’s live on our website, then you can safely bet with our sure win football predictions.

    With that been said, let’s ride on and make some money.

    If you have never tried our vip prediction, trust me you are missing so much fun, excitement and most importantly money.

    Without wasting much time, go to bet9ja prediction signup page now to get started.

    The art of soccer prediction can sometimes seem confusing especially for newbies but once you are familiar with some of the jargon used by top bookies,

    you’ll get to understand the concepts and logic behind every type of bet you want to engage in. Trust me it’s not hard to understand.

    One of the best and easy ways to experience this engaging style to bet on your favourite team is to get acquainted with online sure soccer betting.

    However, in order to grasp all that football betting has to offer, you need to know a little more about it.

    Sports Betting With Bet9ja Codes and Odds

    Bet9ja codes and odds, how online soccer betting work:

    Before staking, you should start by analysing the odds for each football game you are most interested in placing a wager upon.

    You shouldn’t worry about this phase, as we have that covered for you just like Victor predict and soccervista. Bet9ja prediction have done all the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is to stake and wait for your money.

    When using online sports betting, you can find these odds in bet9ja prediction and other online sports bookers like Nairabet.

    You must have an account with one of these bookers before you can start placing your bet.

    Once you have chosen a platform for your sports betting, you then need to decide how you are going to place your bet.

    Some Best Football Prediction options for betting You Should Know

    There are some special options and booking codes for soccer betting you might like to try. Let’s take a look at top 7 bet9ja prediction rules that will make you to win even more!

    Top 7 booking codes and options for Bet9ja Sure soccer prediction

    1. Red Card: If you are very good at predicting who is about to leave the match (red card), then you should try this option,
    2. also remember to check the bet9ja prediction codes and odds before betting. With this option, you are allowed to guess how many players will be penalized.
    3. The option also lets you select at what time a player receives a red card in that particular match. This only includes a player who is present in the pitch or his fellow team mate on the bench, as long as he gets to play.
    1. The 1st Goal scorer: The new mobile app and web comes with a new special feature which allows you to select a player who is likely to score the first goal in the match! However, if the player you selected does not feature or play the game, this bet option will be void
    2. The bet will be lost if and only if the player you selected fails to deliver.
    3. Any time scorer: Unlike the 1st goal scorer, the bookie gives you a chance to choose a player capable to secure a goal in the match.
    4. It’s very simple. You just need to navigate to the appropriate option and select a player who you dim to score a goal.
    5. Bet9ja prediction sometimes provide this option in our booking codes (For Bet9ja prediction VIP members only). If you man fails to score a goal, you lose. If he does score, you win.
    6. 2, 3 and more:
    7. Just like the previous bet (The odds “Any time scorer”), they are similar but in this case, your selected player must score 2, 3 or more goals depending on which option you selected. Don’t worry bet9ja prediction vip sure win football predictions got you covered.
    8. Time of the first goal: This is also a very easy bet lol not really. The mobile app and web provides you with this special rule. With this, you get an opportunity to wager on the minutes the first goal will be scored. All you need to do is to select the minute.
    1. Total corner: Just like the name implies, the whole point of this option is that you need to guess the right number of corner kicks to be in the match. With this option,
    2. you can stand a chance to select if there are less or more corner kicks in the match. Example, less than 5 corner kicks or more than 5 corner kicks.
    3. Anytime Scorer 1st/2nd half: Almost similar to the first time scorer prediction option. Anytime scorer could be a tricky bet, with this option in play, you will need to predict if yo
    4. ur selected player will score in the first half or the second half. You have a lot of options to lose this bet. Let’s take a look! First of all, you will need to select when your scorer should score.

    Why Choose Bet9ja prediction vip Football Sure Prediction ?

    Bet9ja prediction is the home of sure bet football predictions especially in Nigeria. Las vegas texas holdem tournaments. Bet9ja prediction are the best of the bests.

    Providing you with sure vip tips on daily basis. Bet9ja prediction provide you with accurate best 100 sure football predictions and guaranteed to deliver.

    Bet9ja prediction vip have set a high standard and that makes us to rank as one of the best football prediction website in the world.

    We forecast and predict sure soccer predictions with high possibility of delivering, football lovers in search of the best football games and sure banker bet to stake on can make do with our high VIP sure games.

    With Bet9ja prediction , you get varieties of direct bookings such as, sure 2 odds, sure 3 odds, sure 5 odds, sure 10 odds, sure 20 sure 30 and sure 50 odds daily providing you with sure vip tips that will enable you win in any of our preferred bookie like 1xbet, merrybet, betway, blackbet, bet365, Victor predictz, soccervista and other bookmakers.

    Bet9ja prediction help you invest your money, by providing you sure vip tips that has a very high possibility of delivering.

    As a bonus Bet9ja prediction give out 100% free 20 odds to all our new VIP members.

    Bet9ja prediction can also teach you how to improve your idea’s when making your own personal picks.

    Do you want to be a millionaire? If yes, stick with Bet9ja prediction and stand a chance to win million and billions within a stipulated period, so long as you abide to the rules of the game.

    The games provided can be found in lots of bookies such as merrybet, betway, blackbet, bet365, 1xbet, mybet, betking, betfarm etc

    Bet9ja prediction can help you make good harvest from our games, Bet9ja prediction drop high quality prediction on daily basis.

    Therefore bet9ja prediction vip, we win regularly like it’s our birth-right. An alliance with us is the best thing that can ever happen to you, our vip games are the best on the planet, we play safe options that look safe to the eyes, our sure bet ticket of 3 odds contains at most 4 games, we do not give you too many games just to create like sure 5 odds daily those unprofessional.

    Bet9ja prediction come in varieties of options such as, Home win, Away win, Double chance,1.5 goals, 10 minutes draw, value stakes, correct score, colossus jackpot, 2.5 goals, 1st half result, most scoring half, score both halves, handicap, etc.

    We provide games while keeping our vision and mission in site.

    We offer you soccer predictions from over 50 different leagues across the world and also today football match prediction banker. We help you invest your money We bring you prediction from European nations such as

    England, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, we also bring games from Asia, America and Africa, countries like, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa etc.

    Best Bet9ja Football Predictions for Today and Tomorrow

    At the top of this page you have at your disposal a good number of bet9ja football predictions or forecasts today and tomorrow which you can play now on 9jabet.

    Although the amount depends and varies every day, soccer is the most frequent sport among the forecasters, so we have no doubt that even if you are entering here at Christmas or New Year, you will have several football prediction that will be played in the next 24 hours.

    Football Predictions for Major Leagues Around the World

    Did you know that the first football match dates from November 1872? That’s right, the sport you’re so passionate about has already exceeded 100 years, but, apparently, it has not stopped growing and with it the number of people who bet every day on their matches.

    In fact, soccer is the king sport, the one that has more followers and a main protagonist in all pages and betting houses and sports forecasts. In this case we are not an exception.

    If we are a reference among the pages of sports betting, we are among other things, for the quality of the forecasters who share their football prediction daily in our community.

    It is well known that to make good football forecasts you need good information and that is what we want to offer you on our website.

    Upcoming football matches to be played with Our Sure Win Soccer Predictions

    There is no doubt that if you are looking for football prediction for today and tomorrow, you will be interested to see what matches will be held.

    So here we offer you the next football matches to be played, from which you can get information thanks to our statistical database. To do it simply click on the party that interests you.

    Note: In other to have access to this Unique feature, you must be part of our bet9a community.

    Find free soccer tips

    Our policy also includes sharing information for free. We also extend this to offer you a Premium account to receive match prediction. On the contrary,

    what we want are cooperation to stick with our golden rule of our sure soccer prediction and in exchange we provide you with many other booking codes and odds from our experts in football betting.

    Being part of the vip and free sure games community is not only the chance to win prizes

    , but also to receive international recognition as a football tipster, make friends and have even more fun with your bets.

    Security: What Are the Best Bet9ja Football Predictions?

    The best free today football prediction, are not those that make you win a lot because they have a very high quota, nor those that make you win insurance because they have a high probability of going well.

    The best bet9ja soccer predictions are those that make you win in the long term. To identify them, you have to look at both things at the same time: the potential earnings of that particular football bet and the chances of it coming out well. Only by combining these two factors can you carry out a consistent betting strategy.

    By assumptions in best football predicts, there is no place for favouritism or sentimentality. If you cannot be objective about your team or selection, simply do not bet on it or if you do,

    do it knowing that it is probably not the best prediction you can make, because your analysis will be skewed.

    There are many tipsters who spoil their profits, betting on their teams, even though their teams tend to win their games.

    Because we insist, it is likely that a sale goes well, if the quotas do not compensate that small risk, it will be a bad decision.

    The good thing about sport is that there are always football predictions for today to choose from. Per you must not follow absolutely all the predictions of free soccer that you see,

    not even those of the good tipsters. Since you are going to risk your money, you should feel comfortable with the option you choose.

    Therefore, the only thing you need is to choose the betnaija predictions you are going to follow, reading the arguments of the best football tips for today from tipsters and analysing the matches yourself.

    Free Today Football Prediction

    Here on our website you can get free today football matches that you can easily bet on. Join our community of tipsters and share your predictions of football matches by making your own betting recommendations in which you believe there is a good chance of winning.

    You can win prizes that accumulate up to 300,000 naira per month and, above all, you can compete against other experts in national and international football, compare your forecasts with their own and add an extra emotion to the matches.

    To make free bets and win real money with your bet9jamobile, all you need to do is register on our website. We will ask you for a username, an email and a password.

    That is to say, in only 5 minutes you can be making your free soccer predictions to choose the prizes that we distribute among our best tipsters. Easy and fun. Cheer up!

    List of Football Predictions from Major International Soccer Leagues

    Below is a list of links to the specific pages of the main football leagues. In each of these pages you will see our little comment about the competition, the next games and the predictions that our users have made in that league.

    Spanish Football Predictions – LA LIGA

    Here you will find the tips that our tipsters make about the Spanish First Division League, the Second Division Adelante League, the Second Division B and even the Third Division.

    English Football Predictions: Premier League – English League

    The Premier League is one of the most important international league and of course, this requires a very special attention from our tipsters. In addition, we have information on the best bookmakers to bet on the Premier, as they stand out for their attention to the British market.

    German Football Predictions: Bundesliga – German League

    The Bundesliga has made a gap between the main European leagues. Although a few years ago it seemed to be a bit below, the good performance of their teams in the Champions League and the good behaviour of Germany as a country before the crisis,

    has made the Bundesliga a step forward in regard to its level. Find out about the tipsters tips on the Bundesliga here.

    Italian Football Predictions: Serie A – Italian League

    Serie A is one of the largest in its own right. Although sometimes accuse his football of being conservative, the truth is that the level of the Italian league is simply excellent. Follow this link to see the predictions of Serie A matches.

    French football predictions: The Ligue 1- French league

    France is a country with a great passion for sports and, of course, football has a privileged place among its fans. Although at the club level they may be a little below the previous leagues,

    the French team will always be a team to take into account in international competitions. A good way to keep up with future Ginola, Cantona, Zidane, etc. is to follow Ligue 1, and if you get some benefit over it, thanks to the tips from our tipsters, what else can you ask for?

    Predictions of the best Latin American football

    In bet 9ja vip we do not limit ourselves to the easy and obvious. If you are an expert in all Latin American football and want to share your predictions with us,

    we also have a section for it. Here are the links to the pages where you can see the football predictions of the leagues of

    Today Football Match Prediction Banker Using Bet9ja Sure Predictions

    If you have already taken a look at our website for free bet9ja soccer predictions, you may be thinking about starting to bet with real money. If so, you should know that football is one of the sports that gives you more different possibilities when it comes to betting,

    since many people want to do so, the betting houses like 1xbet, Nairabet, Merrybet, blackbet and so on are especially careful to have a good offer.

    The most classic bets in football matches are:

    Betting on the winner or 1X2

    Simple, bets on who will win the game and if you win you win money. Without complications.

    Bets over / under or over / under 2.5

    In other countries with more betting tradition these would be included among the traditional bets. In Nigeria, a country in which for decades’ sports betting has been almost reduced to the pool of each weekend.

    However, this type of bets is also among the favourites of players in the field of football, being the most frequent bet whether there will be more or less than 2.5 goals in the match, although the figures may vary or may even refer to things as varied as the number of cards or corners.

    Bet9ja prediction

    Asian or simple handicap in soccer matches

    The idea is that the match starts with one or more goals already scored. That is, you give an advantage to one of the teams, and you must predict the winner or the tie taking into account that advantage.

    Bet9ja prediction

    Betting on the Positions at the end of the season with

    Another great way to bet on football is the anticipated bets on the position that each team will occupy at the end of the season. In this type of bets, we can decide, not only who will win the competition, but also which teams will finish among the first four positons,

    who will fall or which team will win “the league”. In other words, who will be in the best position excluding the favourites. For instance, in the case of English Premier League, Chelsea and Manchester City.

    The sure 3 odds of these bets are updated every week with the result of the new matches held and form a market of the most attractive when making our sure banker bets and today football match prediction banker.

    Other Bets Options on football matches

    As we told you with football, almost all the betting houses try to give the chest but presently in Nigeria, Bet9ja Prediction is the boss. In addition to the classic bets mentioned above, you can place bets such as:

    • First scorer: You have to choose which player will score the first goal of the match. Usually have very interesting odds!
    • Full time score: You must predict who will win at rest and then at the end. Of course with better quotas than 1X2
    • Number of yellow cards, number of corners, number of player changes … the options are innumerable.

    Another way to bet for free and the bonus code of 1xbet

    In addition to participating in our free betting competition, you can also get free bets with bookmaker bonuses.

    Unlike what happens with other sports, with football any bookmaker will have a good offer. Therefore, the fundamental factors for deciding should be others, such as fees, the offer of live bets, customer service and the security provided by the house, etc.

    In this, we highlight Bet 9ja and that’s why we recommend that if you want to start betting real money open an account with them. In our review of your services you will see the advantages and disadvantages of top betting websites in Nigeria and get the bonus code of Merrybet, 1xbet, Bet365 and Nairabet.

    Bet9ja prediction

    If you already have an account, you may be interested in opening an account in one of the other websites that we recommend to be able to choose between a larger number of codes and odds. In any of them, you can bet following the advice of today’s and tomorrow football predictions on this page, as they all make a spectacular football coverage.

    Bet on Live football matches and Virtual Sports

    We’ve already offered you free soccer prediction tips and now you want to bet live while watching soccer or playing vitual games?

    Bet9ja prediction

    If the answer is yes, we are sure that you have already had to download a good antispyware program and an antivirus to deal with the advertising of the websites that offer football matches live.

    Indeed, there is a better option!

    Mere fact of opening an account allows you to see several bet9ja football matches live every day and from different leagues.

    The same goes for Merrybet,1xbet, bet365 and Nairabet which daily broadcasts sports events live for its users, among which of course is football.

    Also you can place live bets while watching the game. But beware that the live broadcast takes a little delay, do not bet because you think you are going to score a goal in a counterattack,

    as surely that counter-attack has ended, for better or for worse, a few seconds ago.

    Bet9ja Prediction

    It’s not that they want to cheat you, it’s that any online broadcast has a certain delay. Live bets should always be made based on your bet9ja prediction of what will happen in the game in the next few minutes, not on the immediacy of a few seconds.

    Bet9ja Prediction vip sure Soccer Predictions are top notch and highly rated in the football prediction industry because they provide the best games that can make you win a lot of money

The Bet9ja bookmaker's office has been operating in our country for quite a long time and is very popular with players. The theme of our current material is the mobile version of Bet9ja, which is one of the bookmaker's competitive advantages.

Bet9ja codes and odds, how online soccer betting work. However, if the player you selected does not feature or play the game, this bet option will be. News ★ ⭐BET9JA: BET CODES AND MEANING⭐ Are you a betting enthusiast? Perhaps you have no idea what some codes on Bet9ja mean? Don't worry – we are here to help you!

Features of the Mobile Version of Bet9ja

The mobile version of Bet9ja betting shop is fully functional and offers the user all the features of the main resource. It is located at, and using it from smart devices is much more convenient than the desktop version of the site. So it is not surprising that almost all bettors who play Bet9ja from smartphones or tablets prefer either the mobile version or the mobile app.

Differences in the Interface Comparing the Desktop Version

Unlike the computer version, the mobile version, as we have already mentioned, has only one design. This is done for convenience on small screens and to take into account the fact that on smartphones we open pages and move elements with our fingers rather than with the mouse.

The main menu is located on the left side of the screen and can be opened by simply touching a special icon. It allows you to access any section of the website - Live, Line, Contacts and everything else you need. There is also a personal cabinet of the mobile version of the website. To enter it, use the same password and login as on the official resource that you specified during registration. However, you can also register from the mobile version as you can deposit and withdraw money and contact the support team.

Differences of the Mobile Application

The mobile version, unlike the mobile application, does not need to be downloaded and installed. This pleases those who do not like to install additional programs on their devices in principle, or those who do not have much free memory or RAM on their smartphones.

But there are also disadvantages. Access to the mobile version is blocked, unlike the Roskomnadzor application. However, this problem is easily solved, and one of the most popular and simple solutions is the Bet9ja mirror for the mobile version, which can be easily found in the search or simply ask for its address in the technical support.

How do I bypass the lock for access from my mobile phone?

Unfortunately, both the mobile version of Bet9jaa and the main company website are locked. And the same methods are used to bypass the lock.

The most common is a mirror, an exact copy of the website. If you use a mirror, you won't notice the difference because it only differs in the address bar. In fact, it's the same site, just at a different address. The problem of block bypass and technical means - the use of anonymizers or VPN applications - is excellently solved.


The mobile version has both advantages and disadvantages. That is why there are hot fans of it and those who prefer to work with the bookmaker on other websites.

Advantages of mobile version of Bet9ja

Compared to the main resource, the mobile version is much more comfortable to use on small smartphone screens, it is adapted for this purpose. It needs less traffic and therefore works faster, which is very important for betting, especially for betting in LIVE mode. Compared to the mobile application, the mobile version does not need to be downloaded and installed, it does not take up space in your device's memory and does not require any knowledge or skills to use it.

How Does System Bet Work In Bet9ja Login

Disadvantages of Bet9ja mobile

The main disadvantage of the mobile version is that, unlike the same application, it does not allow the lock to be bypassed. So if you have decided to use it, you still have to think about how to bypass the lock.

How Does System Bet Work In Bet9ja

How Does System Bet Work In Bet9ja App

In conclusion, we would like to point out that the betting company 'Bet9ja' is good, which takes care of bettors with every taste and preference. The mobile version has its own fans, it enjoys great popularity. Your personal business to use it in your bet or not, but the fact that there is such a possibility - thanks to the company.