Live Roulette Sites

Roulette is one of the most social games in a casino. When you walk a casino
floor, you almost always see full tables, with most people smiling and chatting
while the dealer keeps that wheel spinning. Unfortunately, that social
atmosphere was very difficult to replicate in an online environment.

The game
tends to be played alone, and the wheel spins at a much faster rate, so there
isn’t as much time to enjoy the actual game. When you take into consideration
how poor the odds are of winning, it is surprising that online roulette is as
popular as it is today.

However, when live dealer casino software became part of the industry in the
mid-2000s, there seemed to be some light at the end of the tunnel. For the first
time, players could sit in their houses and pick their favorite numbers but be
watching a dealer and wheel being live-streamed onto their machine. The
engagement of watching a live wheel makes the game entirely different for
players online, and the game has skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade.

This page is dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about live
dealer roulette, including some of the things you should look for when choosing
a site and our recommendations of the best sites we have seen.

Best Sites
How to Play
What to Look For

Best Sites to Play Live Dealer Roulette

Before we get into the details about how the game works and what to look for
when you are seeking a great live dealer roulette site to play with, we know
many of you just want to get right to it and start playing.

As you know, has the goal of finding our players the best
places to play, and this is no different for those of you that want to play live
casino games. Our team spends hours reviewing sites on a daily basis, and the
end result is a comprehensive list of top-rated casinos. This can be broken down
by geographic region, promotions offered, or on this page by a particular game.

  1. Choose the right roulette game: You can find live American Roulette and live European Roulette at all our approved live dealer sites. But it's good to understand the house edge of different games. European Roulette has a house edge of just 2.7%, while American Roulette has an edge of 5.26%.
  2. Reputable casino sites allow players to play live dealer Roulette for real money and win. The game offers all the same bets as any other versions of Roulette, allowing players to bet on a single number, red or black, odd or even, or any other bet that is available in the game.
Live Roulette Sites
RankGambling SiteDeposit BonusGet Started
#1 Up To €150Visit Site
22Bet Sports
100% Up To €122Visit Site
#3100% Up To €200Visit Site
10Bet Sports
100% Up To €50Visit Site
#5100% Up To €50Visit Site

Online roulette FAQ What is the best online roulette site? A large element of the “best” site comes down to personal preference. There are some significant factors aside from the software, games and deposit options that separate online casinos. Bonuses (including ongoing promotions) can be a big factor, alongside the app and service. Loveroulette, since the year 2012, offers the most advanced chat roulette alternatives available on the internet. We also upgrade the system every month, outranking any similar video chat sites, to constantly deliver the best features present on the web.

Any of the sites on this list meet our approval as sites that we think offer
you the best live dealer roulette experience, all while ensuring the safety of
your deposits. Okay, now that you have seen which sites we rate the highest,
let’s turn our attention to how we come up with these rankings.

How to Play Live Dealer Roulette

Playing live dealer roulette is really no different than playing the game in
any other form. What makes the game so fun for new casino players is the fact
that there isn’t much in the way of strategy taking place. Ultimately, it comes
down to picking numbers and hoping the wheel lands on one that will pay you.

This globally renowned brand that has been in business since the 1990s is listed on the London Stock Exchange.It offers players the best in traditional roulette as well as live dealers and the latest & greatest 3D games. The roulette variants on offer include French roulette which offers the best value to the player of any roulette.

There are a few things to consider, however, so let’s review those now.
First, you will need to pick a live dealer table at which to play. The main
decision you will have to make here is between European Roulette and American
Roulette. The European game is played with the numbers 1-36 and features a 0,
while the American version uses the same numbers but adds a 00 to the mix,
bringing the total to 38 numbers on the wheel. While many people don’t care
which game they play, we always recommend the European version unless there is
some promotion on to entice you to play American.

Once you have chosen a game, you then need to select a stakes level. In live
dealer roulette, you will find the minimum stakes will be a little higher than
the RNG version, as there are more costs involved (dealers, studio space, etc.).
There will also likely be a VIP game which will have an even higher minimum. We
always suggest that if you are going to gamble, to play within your means. Don’t
worry; even at a smaller-stakes table, you are still going to have the chance to
spread around a significant amount of chips.

When you sit down at the table with your chips, you then have to make a
wager. There are many choices in live dealer roulette – let’s quickly go over
what you can bet:

  • Pick a number – pays 35 to 1
  • Pick a split between two numbers – pays 17 to 1
  • Pick a corner of 4 numbers – pays 8 to 1
  • Pick a row of 3 numbers – pays 12 to 1
  • Pick one-third of the numbers in order – pays 3 to 1
  • Pick one-third of the numbers by column – pays 3 to 1
  • Pick red or black – pays 2 to 1

As you can see, the more numbers you select, the better chance you will walk
away a winner, but of course, your payout drops as well. We don’t think any
strategy works better than another – you should bet based on how long you want
to stay at the table and how comfortable you feel with the risk. Some players
follow patterns (you can see the results of each spin on the board) and either
follow the trend or try to buck it. However, with every spin of the wheel being
an independent event, the odds do not change even if the last twelve spins
resulted in a red number.

What We Look for in a Live Dealer Roulette Site

Now that you know which sites we like, we think you should also know what we
look for in live dealer roulette sites so you can do some investigating on your
own. We won’t go into the minutia of every detail we review, but here are some
main topics.

Safety and Reliability

First and foremost, we want to find a site for you that is reliable so you
won’t have to worry about whether or not your money is safe. These days, we have
all heard the horror stories of sites that have gone out of business overnight,
leaving clients in the lurch without any recourse to try to get their money

The good news is that these rogue casinos are few and far between, and it is
pretty easy to weed them out.

We look for sites that have at least one gaming
license, preferably from one of the stricter jurisdictions like Malta or the
United Kingdom. We are still happy with sites that at least go through the due
diligence process in countries like Curaçao, as it shows a willingness to be
somewhat transparent.

If we come across a site that is unlicensed and offers
live dealer roulette, that doesn’t immediately eliminate it as an option – for
players in the US, as an example, the choices are limited, so we dig a little
deeper to find out everything we can about the owners of the unlicensed brands.


There are now more than a dozen companies that offer live dealer software to
casino operators, and while you may think they are all essentially the same,
that could not be further from the truth. Each company has a certain level of
quality of development to take into consideration, along with looking at the
features of each game.

This is especially true of roulette, where things like
camera angles and chat features are more important than in a card game like
baccarat. Again, some software may not be available for play in your country of
residence, but our reviews will quickly narrow down your options and therefore
will let you know which software is available. Companies like Evolution Gaming
and Playtech are widely considered to be the leaders in this area.

Game Selection

We talked about this earlier, but it bears repeating here. We want to find
you the sites with the most live dealer roulette options, so you feel
comfortable from the second you sit at a wheel.

Multiple game types are a must –
we don’t like when a casino only offers American Roulette to its players.

Having multiple stakes levels is also important, as it provides a grouping of players
that are like-minded when it comes to risk and can enhance the overall


With a game like roulette, you want to find as many ways as possible to gain
an advantage, as the game itself gives you some of the worst odds of winning.
This is where a casino’s promotions department becomes crucial to a player. We
look at every site in great detail from a bonus perspective, trying to find
sites that provide the best value to our readers.

The first thing we look at is the welcome bonus, and specifically, if that
bonus can be earned playing live dealer roulette. You would be surprised how
many sites block bonus conversion at a roulette table, and if that is the case,
then the welcome bonus has no value to you. On top of that bonus, there are
sometimes live dealer-specific bonuses that you can take advantage of at a site.
If there is, we ensure that it goes into our reviews, so you have the most
up-to-date information without having to travel to each individual casino site.

Another way to get something extra from the casino is through the loyalty
program. Most casinos allow you the opportunity to earn loyalty points which can
be redeemed for cash at certain levels. Conversion rates typically increase with
more activity, so it may be worth sticking with one casino to get a better
cashback rate.

Profitability is a huge component of casino gambling (we don’t just do it for
the entertainment; otherwise, why bet real money?), so every edge you can gain
at a casino is going to help push you in that direction.

Customer Support

When you are playing any casino game online, you want to know that if
something goes wrong, you’ll be able to get a hold of a support team member
easily and have your issues addressed promptly. The key to excellent customer
service in our eyes is having agents available 24 hours a day.

This is a non-starter for us – if a site doesn’t offer that level of care, then we aren’t
likely to recommend them. Having multiple ways to reach the casino is also
important, and we like to see all those options laid out clearly on the casino
website or from within the game itself.

Benefits to Playing Live Dealer Roulette

The biggest benefit to playing live dealer roulette is the added social
aspect of the game. This game plays in a very similar manner to the land-based
game, and many tables feature chat functionality that allows you to speak with
others who are playing at the same table even though you are all in the comfort
of your own homes.

We also believe the speed of the game is a key factor in enjoying live dealer
roulette. In most cases, we talk about how fast games play as a positive, but in
the case of roulette, there is something enjoyable about the anticipation of
watching a dealer spin the wheel and release the ball on its journey that you
just don’t get from a digital RNG game. For that, we think that live dealer adds
a little more enjoyment to the overall experience.


After reading this page, we hope that you have a better understanding of the
differences between live dealer roulette and the RNG version of the game, and if
you haven’t played it before, we highly recommend you give it a try.

If you play at any of the casinos we recommended at the top of this page, you are sure to
find your time at the wheel enjoyable, and we hope profitable. Make sure to take
advantage of every bonus and loyalty point you can, and as always, please play
within your individual means. If you have any feedback, we always want to hear
it, so send us a note, and if it is worthy of us updating this page, you know we

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Live Dealer Roulette on My Phone?

Red stag no deposit bonus 2020. In most cases, you will be able to access live dealer roulette from your
mobile device. Of course, the first thing to consider is how current your phone
and your browser are, as sites will have a minimum requirement for the games to
work. The only other restriction is really dependent on the connection your
mobile device has to the internet. As the games are being live streamed from a
studio, to ensure your feed isn’t choppy, you will want to have a strong
connection on your end.

What Is the Difference in Odds Between American and European Roulette?

The difference between the two is pretty dramatic, as the odds for all
winning plays remains the same regardless of which table you are playing. Of
course, the 00 on the American Roulette table increases the number of numbers to
38. The house edge for European Roulette is 2.63%, while it jumps to 5.26% in
American. This is why we always suggest you play the European version when you
can find it.

What If the Site I Am Playing Is Not Licensed?

If you have a choice, we never recommend that you play at an unlicensed site.
Sites that have received a license from a gambling jurisdiction have had to turn
over some sort of information on the ownership, which keeps them accountable in
case something were to happen. Places like Malta and the UK force sites to have
segregated accounts for player funds, giving you an even better sense of
security when playing your live dealer roulette games.

Can I Play Live Dealer Roulette for Play Money Chips?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any play money options for live dealer roulette.
This is mainly because operators have to pay for the dealers and the streaming
time, so it isn’t cost-efficient for either the operator or the software
supplier to have dealers working when no one is gambling for real money. You are
able to watch a real-money game happening without betting at some sites, so at
least you can get a feel for the way the game plays before you put your chips
into play.

More and more people can legally enjoy roulette games online.

Whether you enjoy free roulette for entertainment or gamble for high stakes, there are options for you. With competition between the casinos in regulated states, you will find big bonuses and loyalty rewards for players of all bankroll levels. Games are available on your desktop or mobile device.

This page has everything you need to enjoy online roulette games safely. You will find an overview of real money roulette games, bonuses and roulette apps below. At the end of the page, a FAQ will answer all your questions.

Best online casinos for real money roulette

Play free roulette online

Playing online roulette for real money

Head to your local casino and you will need to bet the minimum stakes to enjoy roulette. Stakes go up on weekends, with $5 to $10 on outside bets typically the smallest bets available. Head online, and you can play real money roulette for much smaller stakes. This gives you all the enjoyment (and chance to go on a winning streak) without the risk.

Improvements in network speeds have allowed for a new generation of online roulette games. Live dealer roulette lets you bet on a real game happening in real time, streamed from a studio. You can interact with the dealers and other players, giving this real money roulette option a social component.

The best online casinos offer welcome bonuses and ongoing rewards to roulette players. A 100% deposit matching bonus will get your bankroll off to a great start. Some casinos offer free play for new customers. While this is usually for slots, you can always head to the roulette games with the money you win with the free play.

For players who enjoy roulette regularly, it will pay to compare the loyalty reward programs of online casinos. Those loyalty points, reload bonuses and one-off promotions will make a huge difference to your bankroll over time.

How online casino bonuses work for roulette

When you first see online casino bonuses, they look similar. Many casinos offer a 100% match on your first deposit — sometimes over multiple deposits in a specified timeframe. The amount matched varies. The biggest welcome bonuses can reach $1,000 or more.

It is important to look at the terms and conditions of bonus deals. There are major differences covering the playthrough requirements, the type of games you can play to redeem your bonus and how long you have to meet your total.

Here is a checklist for roulette players:

  • Is roulette allowed? Some casinos exclude roulette from the games permitted for bonus clearing altogether. Others will allow only a portion of wagers to count toward clearing.
  • What is the playthrough requirement? All casino bonuses specify the number of times you need to bet the bonus money before cashing out. This can vary widely.
  • How is roulette weighted? Slots contribute 100% toward clearing your bonuses. Roulette can be anything from 25% to 2% — depending on the casino. This can make a huge difference.
  • Are specific bets excluded? Many casinos will state that covering too many outcomes is “bonus abuse” and will void your welcome bonus. An example is covering both red and black (with a small bet on the zeros). Look out for brands that don’t allow outside bets.
  • How long will the bonus last? When you combine playthrough requirements with weightings, the requirements you must meet can be extensive. This makes the time allowed to complete your bets a key factor. Avoid roulette bonuses that expire too quickly.

Here are some examples of good offers at regulated casinos:

Golden Nugget Casino: This New Jersey / Michigan online casino gives you $10 free if you sign up with bonus code PLAYBONUS. There is also a matched deposit bonus of up to $1,500, plus 200 free slot spins. You can clear the no deposit bonus by wagering it 20x. Roulette is included, with your bets weighted at 25%. The deposit bonus needs to be wagered 10x.

BetMGM Casino: This casino is available in multiple regulated states. It offers an easy $25 no deposit bonus, plus $1,000 matched to your first deposit. Use bonus code PLAYNJFREE to claim these bonuses. You can clear both by playing roulette. The no deposit bonus has a simple 1x wagering requirement with no weightings for table games. The matched welcome offer has a 15x wagering requirement.

Free roulette vs. real money roulette

You can enjoy roulette for free online. This can be to learn the rules or practice different betting strategies — or simply for entertainment. When you switch over to real money roulette, the spin of the wheel gets a whole lot more exciting. Even at the smallest stakes, having some real money on the line adds interest to your spins.

Advantages of free roulette games:

  • Play a casino classic without risking any money.
  • Try out different combinations of bets.
  • Try out different roulette betting strategies.
  • Find out which roulette variation works best for you.

Advantages of real money roulette games:

  • The chance to win big adds excitement to your spins.
  • Clear casino bonuses while you play.
  • Enjoy live dealer roulette variations online.
  • Take part in promotions and receive loyalty rewards.

Choosing the right online roulette game

Not all roulette games have the same odds. In fact, the house edge of one game can be nearly twice as high as one that looks almost the same.

The difference is in the number of green segments on the wheel. These are the zero and double-zero slots. With a single zero, the game has a house edge of 2.7%; add one more and this shoots up to 5.26%. You will find these marked as European (single zero) and US (double zero) at many casinos. When it comes to the odds, it is always better to choose the European wheel.

You will also find French roulette at some online casinos. This variation uses a European single zero wheel and features an extra benefit. Any time the ball lands in the zero slot, you get a 50% return of stakes placed on 50/50 outcomes. The effect on the house edge depends on what percentage of your bets are on outside chances compared to single numbers and combinations. If you bet only on the 50/50 chances, then the house edge is a tiny 1.35%.

Casino apps with roulette

Online casinos let you access their games via apps or websites. The web-based versions will respond automatically to your screen size, allowing for mobile play. If an app is available, you can be sure that the roulette games on it have been optimized for smaller screens.

Before you install a mobile casino app, you need to make sure you are getting the best available bonus. You can do this by following our links to the regulated casinos — and following the app installation instructions from there.

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, the casino will direct you to the Apple App Store to complete your download. For Android roulette players, you will need to install the app from the casino website. Google does not yet allow real money roulette apps in its store — even though such apps are fully legal in regulated states. Downloading from the casino is safe and easy. You will need to accept the download from an “unknown source” to complete the process.

Apps allow you to claim your bonus, deposit real money and enjoy a range of games in addition to roulette. You will find that slots, blackjack and video poker are popular options.

If you are not in a state with regulated online casinos, then sweepstakes casino apps are a legal alternative. These turn casino games into mini-sweepstakes contests. They remain legal by offering free games and giving you “free” sweepstakes entries (chips for the real casino options) when you make purchases of the play-money chips.

Legal online casinos with roulette

It is now legal to enjoy online casinos in multiple states. There are regulated brands already operating in a number of states including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In these regulated states, online casino and sports betting giants have partnered with local brick and mortar casinos. They have produced mobile casino apps and websites that use geolocation to work only within state lines.

In turn, the casino brands curate a list of games from software houses like IGT and NetEnt. These include multiple roulette options. Bigger brands set up studios in live casinos. This allows them to provide live dealer casino games.

Below is an overview of the roulette options at online casinos in three of the regulated states.

NJ roulette sites

  • Golden Nugget Casino: You will find the roulette options under the table games tab in the lobby. Live dealer tables and software-based options are available. You’ll find European and French roulette games and advanced (racetrack betting) roulette. Novelty titles include bonus spin roulette, 100-to-1 roulette and three-wheel roulette.
  • Caesars Casino: This casino has a separate roulette tab in the lobby, revealing nine options. One takes you to the live dealer lobby. The others are 100-to-1 roulette, three-wheel roulette, French roulette, Double Bonus Spin roulette and a selection of US and European wheels.
  • Virgin Casino: You’ll find a small selection of table games at Virgin Casino. You can win community jackpots on any game. Options include American, European and French roulette. This casino does not have a live dealer option.

PA roulette sites

  • BetMGM Casino:MGM partnered with Hollywood Casino in Pennsylvania. The online casino features multiple roulette variations, including black and yellow roulette and European roulette pro as well as the regular US- and European-style wheels. Advanced roulette includes the racetrack betting options, and French roulette has the best odds.
  • DraftKings Casino: You will find lessons on how to bet on roulette games at this casino. DraftKings has novelty games that include basketball roulette and spooky roulette, which has a Halloween theme. You will also find live dealer roulette options at this casino.
  • Unibet Casino: You will find a live dealer room at Unibet Casino, featuring games dealt in real time while you bet through your desktop or mobile device. It has exclusive Diamond Series software-based games, EU roulette, French roulette and advanced roulette options to choose from.

WV roulette sites

  • BetMGM Casino: If you check the roulette tab at BetMGM in West Virginia, only four games appear. There is one more — the Irish themed Luck o’ the Roulette — under the table games tab. Your regular options are black and yellow roulette, plus American and European wheels. There is no live dealer option at this casino in WV.
  • DraftKings Casino: With free casino credits up to $35, there are more reasons than just the roulette games to check out DraftKings in WV. You can enjoy a selection that includes European and US wheels, plus the sport-themed basketball roulette, spooky roulette and other novel variations.

MI roulette sites

  • BetMGM Casino: The table games tab on BetMGM Michigan is nicely separated into rows of different game types, so it’s easy to see that there are four different roulette games that are available. Naturally, BetMGM offers both American and European-style roulette wheel variants. There are also the Black & Yellow and Luck o’ the Roulette options.
  • FanDuel Casino: FanDuel Casino is a tab from the site’s sportsbook, and, in turn, roulette has its own tab in the casino. Although it seems likely that FanDuel will add to the selection in the near future, there are two American roulette options and a European roulette option from which to choose.
  • Golden Nugget Casino: Golden Nugget Casino has one of the finest online casino sites in the land. For roulette players, there are all of the standard options that you’d expect. There is also a 100/1 game which pays out 100-1 on single number hits. Finally, Golden Nugget is almost certain to have a live dealer roulette game before too long.

How do sweepstakes casinos work?

Sweepstakes contests are legal in nearly every state, often taking the form of marketing promotions like draws and contests. Casinos have been using these laws to offer slots and table games since 2016.

To stay legal, sweepstakes casino bands like Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots and Funzpoints can’t sell you chips to gamble with. Instead, they give you them for free — when you buy a different currency that you use for play-money gaming.

You then use the “free” redeemable currency to play games — which are treated as fast sweepstakes contests. If you win while playing with the redeemable currency, you can swap your winnings for real cash prizes and legally withdraw the money to your bank account.

There are big jackpots to be won — though the selection of table games is more limited.

What to look for in an online roulette casino

When you choose an online casino, there are many factors besides the bonus deals to compare. They include the types of games, which ones are available on your phone, whether the casino has live dealer options and the legal status of each brand.

This list expands on some of those key factors to consider:

  • Roulette variations available: Most casinos will have a US wheel and a European wheel. The variations expand rapidly from there. You can find French roulette, multi-wheel games, mini-wheels design for smartphones, roulette games with progressive jackpots, multiplayer games and live dealer options. The quality of graphics will also vary between games, with some having 3D effects and realistic betting surfaces.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Casinos in regulated states often use free play bonuses to attract new players. You should also compare welcome (deposit) bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs. The best casinos work hard to keep loyal players well rewarded. If your current casino does not offer regular promotions, it is time to switch.
  • Mobile games/apps: For the best experience on your smartphone, you should download a casino app. There are big differences in the number of roulette games available on these apps compared to the options on the desktop/browser casino sites. You also can try out responsive browser casinos on your phone; many will work perfectly after automatically adjusting to your screen size.
  • Live dealer roulette: Casino table games that are dealt in real time are massively popular. They have a social element (via text) and are visibly fair. Some of the biggest brands in regulated states have set up live dealer studios. Smaller casino brands may not have this option.
  • Legal and regulated: While many people choose to gamble at offshore casinos, you get zero protection in the (all too frequent) event that your money or bonus disappears. This gives regulated/legal casinos a huge edge. You will know your money is safe and that you have a way to complain if you feel you have been treated unfairly.
  • Customer support: It is worth checking the reputation of any online roulette site for support before you play. Casinos offer telephone support, instant chat options and email. Friendly and helpful staff to assist with deposits, questions and withdrawals can make the difference between a good casino and a great one.

Live dealer roulette online

You can now re-create the feeling of playing roulette in a brick and mortar casino online. Live dealer casino games are hugely popular. They work by streaming a view of a real roulette table in real time to casino websites and apps. You can verify that the action is live by interacting with the croupier and other players via text chat. Dealers will reply verbally, as they are busy spinning the ball or dealing cards.

A key factor for live dealer roulette is that the games are timed. You bet by dragging and dropping chips onto an overlay of the roulette betting surface. When “no more bets” is called, the ball is spun and winning bets are automatically settled. You can “rebet” or switch numbers each time. If you miss the deadline, the ball spins without your wagers.

Live Roulette Free Play

In addition to games with a dealer, live dealer casinos often feature auto-roulette. This is a real physical wheel that spins automatically at set intervals.

Roulette odds: the truth in numbers

Roulette has an inherent house advantage of 5.26%. This means that if one bets $100 anywhere on the felt, the player’s expected return is $94.74.

Hold percentage is naturally higher than house advantage. This is because players do not have the bankroll or time to beat the casino in the long run.

Furthermore, roulette affords opportunities to win many multiples of one’s wager, like three, eight, or up to 35 times players’ initial wager. But players can also lose those profits quickly. While other table games have specific wagers manufactured within them that are (in terms of expected value) worse for the player, roulette is generally known by the gambling community to be one of the less friendly games to gambling bankrolls.

A very key point is that every possible wager is equally disadvantageous to the player. A $10 bet on 00 or RED or EVEN would carry the same negative expected value of -$0.526 (fifty-two point six cents).

The house edge on roulette

Before jumping into the concepts of the gambler’s fallacy, independent events, and mutual exclusivity, it helps to establish a clear thesis that the only way to (legally) affect the casino’s advantage is to play only old-fashioned European Roulette. (It has only one green zero on the felt.)


A fair motto might be the fewer zeros, the better. The standard roulette wheel today, sometimes differentiated as American Roulette, features a zero and double zero. If there are 38 numbers on the felt, but a wager on exactly the correct number pays 35-1, the casino has a 5.26% house advantage on the game.

It’s a little simple math — don’t be alarmed:

  • Odds of 35-1 means there are 36 total parts.
  • 36/38 = .9474
  • 1 – .9474 = .0526
  • = 5.26%.

You can see how on a single roulette wheel, the house advantage is 2.7%. On the unfortunate Sands Roulette, it’s 7.7 %. Conclusion: don’t play triple zero roulette.

It’s important for gamblers to understand that each roulette spin is an independent event. That means previous spins do not impact the odds or probability going forward. There are 38 possible outcomes on a typical double zero roulette game. Eighteen are red, 18 black, and two are green.

There is an 18/38, or about a 47.4%, chance the ball will land on a red or black number. What is the probability that the ball will land on a red number if the past 10 spins landed on red? What if the last 12 spins were black? It’s always 47.4 %, independent from any past or future spins.

Wheel bias

This author, his host, and sponsors clearly and absolutely decry any form of cheating. That said, it would be unfair to ignore in a historical context how players have gained an edge by recording wheel bias.

Ultimately, roulette wheels are man-made. While today’s wheels are manufactured with computer precision, in a past era, the most astute gambler may have been able to record and exploit some of the smallest biases in wheel imperfections.

Online roulette FAQ

What is the best online roulette site?

A large element of the “best” site comes down to personal preference. There are some significant factors aside from the software, games and deposit options that separate online casinos. Bonuses (including ongoing promotions) can be a big factor, alongside the app and service. A popular pick in multiple regulated states is DraftKings Casino. This brand has multiple roulette options like live dealer games, basketball roulette and pro wheels with enhanced graphics.

Which online roulette game has the best odds?

If you can find a site with French roulette, this should be your go-to game. This variant uses a European wheel with a single green zero. If you hit that zero, then you get half of your stake back for any 50% (black/red or odd/even). Some variants of French roulette keep your bet in place for another spin instead. The odds of online roulette are as follows:

  • American wheel (double zero): 5.26%
  • European wheel (single zero): 2.7%
  • French roulette: 1.35% (for 50/50 bets only) otherwise 2.7%

Some live casinos are now introducing games with a “triple zero.” This offers terrible odds and should be avoided whenever possible.

Can you make money playing roulette online?

Many systems claim to be able to beat roulette games. They use progressive betting, often alongside complex patterns. While these can reduce variance in the short-term, they cannot beat the house edge over time. Casinos would not offer a game that was beatable.

You can enjoy bonus money and promotions while playing roulette, which can put the odds of winning in your favor for a while. Over time, the house edge is baked into this game. Play for entertainment and enjoy the wins whenever they come.

Is online roulette rigged?

Live Roulette Tv Bets

A great reason to stick to the regulated/legal casinos is that you can be sure that the outcome of wheel spins is fair. This is controlled by random number generator software — which is regularly audited as part of the licensing requirement in all states with legal gambling.

Live Blackjack Sites

Games like roulette are tested over millions of spins to ensure that the outcome is random.