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LuckyLand Slots hosts tournaments which run for varying lengths of time, as short as 15 minutes or as long as 48 hours, on selected slots. Players can win free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins based on their final position in the leaderboard! EataHoagie, one of our regular Twitch streamers, hit a huge 364x win on one of Luckyland Slots' games, Neon Valley, with only a $0.60 bet! Luckyland Slots is. Awesome bonus on this game.Luckyland finally paid off after a few months of smaller cashouts. More LuckyLand Slots Complaints & Reviews. LuckyLand Slots - I won $500.00 and the sight is making it impossible for me to collect it! LuckyLand Slots - not receiving promotional sc and being told 'fuck you' by customer service; LuckyLand Slots - Over charged; LuckyLand Slots - Over charging. Mar 28, 2020 More LuckyLand Slots Complaints & Reviews. LuckyLand Slots - I won $500.00 and the sight is making it impossible for me to collect it! LuckyLand Slots - not receiving promotional sc and being told 'fuck you' by customer service; LuckyLand Slots - Over charged; LuckyLand Slots - Over charging.

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LuckyLand Casino offers players a whole slew of slot games using the sweepstakes model. Sweepstakes casinos (including LuckyLand) are available to players in Canada (excluding Quebec) and every US state except for Washington.

Play casino games online for cash prizes. LuckyLand Slots offers great options for players looking for casino action in states without legal online gaming for real money.

Gambling Online readers receive 50,000 gold coins for $4.99 (usually $9.98) and receive a bonus 10 Sweeps Coins using our exclusive offer. Get 10 Free Sweeps Coins At LuckyLand Now

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LuckyLand Casino offers players a whole slew of slot games using the sweepstakes model. Sweepstakes casinos (including LuckyLand) are available to players in Canada except for Quebec and every US state except for Washington.

Many gambling enthusiasts choose to play at sweepstakes casinos while they wait for their market to legalize real-money online gaming. Sweepstakes sites provide an excellent alternative option that’s both fun to play and offers the possibility of cash prizes.

When you play at a sweepstakes site, you can purchase gold coins, which cost real money and allow you to play the games on the site. But with each purchase (or by redeeming a mail-in offer) you receive bonus sweeps coins. Play with sweeps coins, and you can turn in your winnings for cash prizes.

LuckyLand is a fantastic sweepstakes casino with plenty of slot games to enjoy. Unlike many of its counterparts, LuckyLand focuses purely on slots. You won’t find table games here. But that niche offering means that LuckyLand is perfect for hardcore slot enthusiasts or players who want to learn how the games work.

LuckyLand Slots Sign-Up Bonus Offer

LuckyLand Promo CodeNo Code Needed - Just Use Our Link
Purchase Offer50,000 gold coins and 10 sweeps coins for $4.99 (usually $9.98)
No Purchase Sign Up Bonus10 free sweeps coins for confirming your account
Available In All US states except Washington, Canada except Quebec
Offers VerifiedMarch 2021

Much like their counterparts in the world of sports betting or real-money online casinos, sweepstakes sites offer lucrative promotions to new players. Signing up gets you a few free sweeps coins plus plenty of gold coins to kickstart your experience with LuckyLand’s huge slots library. When I created my account, LuckyLand gave me more than 8,000 gold coins and 10 free sweeps coins once I verified my account via text message.

Sweeps coins can only be redeemed once you play (and win) with them and after you exceed SC50. The 10 sweeps coin sign up promotion certainly sets you on the right path.

There’s also a special offer for new players making their first purchase. LuckyLand presented a 50,000 gold coin for $4.99 plus bonus 10 Sweeps Coins, half the usual price.

Sweepstakes Gaming Overview

There are a few key facets of sweepstakes casinos that make them a unique form of gaming. Players enjoy them for the combination of cash prizes and play-for-fun games. Here’s what you need to know.

Why They’re Called Sweepstakes Sites

Sweepstakes gaming sites are named for the model they use to operate. Players enjoy the games on the sites for fun using the in-game currency of gold coins. But purchasing gold coins adds a new layer of gameplay into the mix: sweeps coins.

Sweeps Coins come as a free bonus when purchasing Gold Coins or by mailing in a request for free sweeps coins. This mail-in option is what allows these sites to operate, even in states with strict laws against online gambling. Sweepstakes sites are just that–sweepstakes.

Play Slots With Gold Coins

At LuckyLand, you use gold coins–the site’s currency that carries no cash value–to play slot games. Gold coins are given out every few hours in small amounts, plus you’ll get a hefty helping of them when you register for your account.

You can also buy gold coins for real money. In this way, sweepstakes sites are a lot like mobile games such as Clash of Clans or Candy Crush. You purchase in-game currency and use it to play the game.

Luckyland Slots Winners Lottery

Sweeps Coins For Cash Prizes

The second aspect of LuckyLand involves sweeps coins. To earn cash prizes, you can play games with sweeps coins. Any winnings you earn by playing with Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes once you exceed SC50.

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How To Create A LuckyLand Account

Signing up at LuckyLand is very easy. Just visit the LuckyLand website and it’ll ask you to create an account. You have two options to sign up.

Connect To Facebook

You can login and create an account quickly by connecting your Facebook account. This is beneficial because it’s a quick option, but also because LuckyLand runs occasional sweeps coins giveaways on its Facebook page and you can receive notifications about them.

Connecting to Facebook handles most of the account creation steps for you, but you will still need to confirm your account using a phone number (which will also get you some free sweeps coins).

Use Your Email Address

The old tried-and-true email sign up is available as well. Type in your email address and create a password (at least eight characters long with letters and numbers) and you’re all set.

After you’ve signed up either via email or Facebook, you can buy coins and play LuckyLand’s games.

How To Buy Gold Coins At LuckyLand

Making a purchase is very simple on LuckyLand’s website. Sometimes offers will pop up as special promotions. But for the most part, you’ll need to click the big red “BUY” button at the top of the screen. This will bring you to the shop, which displays various amounts of gold coins, how much they cost in real money, and how many free sweeps coins you’ll receive as a bonus.

The more you spend on one purchase, the more bang you get for your buck. For example, a $5.49 purchase earns you 17,000 gold coins plus 5 bonus Sweeps Coins. A higher-priced package for $19.99 gets you 80,000 gold coins and bonus 21 sweeps coins.

If you’re planning to purchase gold coins frequently, it may make sense to purchase one of the larger packages so your money goes further and gives you more gold coins to play with.

LuckyLand Payment Methods

To complete your purchase, you first need to confirm your account. Doing this grants you 10 free sweeps coins, so it’s definitely worthwhile. Then, once you select a gold coin package, LuckyLand will take you to the payments page.

You can use any of the following methods to pay for your in-game currency:

  • Online banking (Chase, PNC, Bank of America, Citi, PNC, and more are offered)
  • Credit/Debit (Mastercard, American Express, and VISA)
  • Skrill
  • ACH eCheck
  • Paysafecard

There isn’t really a “best’ option when it comes to payment methods. However, credit/debit card companies may flag LuckyLand coins as a suspicious purchase and decline the transaction. This won’t always happen, but it’s definitely possible. IF you’re concerned about that happening, stick to one of the other methods.

Get Free Sweeps Coins By Mail

You can redeem a mail-in offer to receive a small amount of sweeps coins completely free with no purchase necessary. This model lets sweepstakes sites like LuckyLand operate legally. We outline the steps below, but you can find more detail and the official rules on LuckyLand’s Official Sweeps Rules page.

  1. Get a 4” x 6” postcard or piece of white paper. Make sure it has no lines. Do not fold it.
  2. Have a #10 stamped envelope ready, and handwrite the address on it:
  3. Handwrite your return address and “Sweepstakes Credits” on the front of the envelope.
  4. Handwrite the following details on a single side of the postcard or paper you’re using:
    1. Full name
    2. Email address linked to your LuckyLand account
    3. The following statement in full:
      1. “I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Luckyland Slots. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by Luckyland Slots Terms of Service and Sweeps Rules.”
  5. Double-check that your handwriting is completely legible, then mail the envelope with the card inside.

Free spins coin master 2020 generator. Once you complete this process and LuckyLand receives your request, you will receive 5 free sweeps coins. You can only submit one request per envelope.

LuckyLand Games

LuckyLand currently has a few dozen games in its library, and each one has its own unique flair. Most of them are slot games, but there are also a few other game types like “Scratch & Win” or “Instant Win.” These take the form of online scratch cards or lottery-like draw games to give a distinct non-slot gaming experience.

Each game has a theme that makes it more than just a “spin the reels” or “scratch the card” experience. They won’t be exact copies of games on the slot floor (those are developed by companies that offer real money gaming both online and in land-based casinos), but the themes are often similar. You might find games based on Greek Gods, for example, or leprechaun themes. Essentially, there’s such a variety that you should always be able to find a game that fits your tastes.

Look For Big Jackpots

If you want a shot at big wins, be on the lookout for jackpots on certain games. Some will list gold coin jackpots reaching into the millions. Others will offer sweeps coins jackpots that grant tens of thousands of sweeps coins, which you can then play with to earn real cash prizes.

Of course, jackpots are incredibly rare, so don’t expect to hit one right away or even after months of playing. Instead, treat them as a possibility that could happen as you explore the LuckyLand slots library.

LuckyLand Slots FAQ

18. LuckyLand operates as a sweepstakes site, so anyone 18 or older can play.

If you end up redeeming sweeps coins for a cash prize, you’ll have to provide identification proving you’re 18 or older.

Yes. LuckyLand has games similar to those offered by lotters like instant scratch cards and draw games.

LuckyLand’s sister sites, Chumba Casino and Global Poker (all are owned by the same company), offer other games. Chumba has table games like blackjack and roulette in addition to slots. Global Poker offers…you guessed it: poker.

No. You can play with free gold goins that you receive for signing up and for logging in every few hours. There are also gold coin giveaways on luckyLands social media pages.

You can also get free sweeps coins by completing a mail-in offer, which we outline on this page.

You can purchase gold coins if you wish (or if you run out), but it is not necessary in order to play.

No. But it is legal almost everywhere in the US and Canada. Washington is the only state that prohibits sweepstakes casinos. In Canada, Quebec does not have access to LuckyLand.

If you sign up for an account from Washington and try to play, LuckyLand will void your account and any gold or sweeps coins you have.

Yes. If you play LuckyLand games with sweeps coins, you can eventually redeem them for cash prizes.

The threshold for redemption is SC50. To redeem your sweeps coins, you’ll need to prove your age and identity.

You can purchase gold coins with credit/debit cards, online banking, Skrill, Paysafecard, or ACH. LuckyLand presents all these options on its payments page, allowing you to pick the one that works best for you.

Online sweepstakes is a very popular form of gambling among players as it offers to win easy and fast money. People from all around the world bet a certain amount of cash on these sweepstakes games online, and winners get dividends from the total amount. Sweepstakes can come in the form of giveaways, which is also purely based on luck. There are a lot of licensed sweepstakes casino websites that are supported by popular companies.

However, some websites are not legitimate and deceive people into gathering their email addresses. This article informs the audience about the most reliable online websites to enter sweepstakes. So, people can enjoy their time in an online gambling platform without worrying about the credibility of the website.

#1 Riversweeps Platinium

This online website is an excellent example of high-quality software. Currently, there are a lot of different software websites to play sweepstakes online for money. However, players search for innovative ones that also offer a high chance of winning. In this sense, Riversweeps Platinium is a thoroughly recommended online website. Transparency is one of the key qualities of this software. Gamblers can be sure about the real deals on this website. It is a licensed software where players can perform their transactions without any worries. Riversweeps provides a lot of play sweepstakes online for money, including slot games.

Sweepstakes games online usually include online slots, which are both easy and fun. There are a number of slot games that Riversweeps Platinium offer as online sweepstakes for money. White Buffalo, Wacky Billy, Space Rocks, Red Hot Chili 7’s, Thunder Strike, and Lobster Party are some of the examples of online sweepstakes for money. All online sweepstakes games in Riversweeps Platinium have attractive graphics and an amazing background sound system. This sweepstakes software ensures that gamblers enjoy their time and have a safe environment for playing sweepstakes casino games.

#2 SweepSheet Online Sweepstakes Platform

SweepSheet is a very credible sweepstakes website that lists online sweepstakes and contests for the players. Subscribers of this website receive a newsletter about recent giveaways and internet sweepstakes each week. In the newsletter, people are also informed about success tips and online sweepstakes for money that offer high winning opportunities. SweepSheet makes finding reliable and entertaining sweepstakes casino games easier for gamblers. It is one of the most popular sweepstakes sites that guarantee the legitimate process of earning money. The website offers its subscribers various sweepstakes contests to join. The cash prizes of such offers can be between $100 and $10K.

The company has been in the online gambling world for more than twenty years. It still continues to provide high-quality service to people all over the world. This website does not only offer people to earn easy money but also gives a chance to socialize. Members can chat with each other, talk about different tips and methods to win real money. Therefore, many people consider the social aspect of SweepSheet very helpful. SweepSheet offers the latest online sweepstakes and gives you the chance to try your luck. The recent sweepstakes for money on this website include Travel Channel, Lands’ End, and Frito Lay.

#3 Online Sweepstakes

This online sweepstakes casino provider is the one that ranked the best on the internet. When you search for the most popular online sweepstakes real money games, you can find this brand name in almost every article. The design of the website can be a little old school, but it is well-organized and very easy to direct. You can find all the new giveaways easily and join them. Every day between thirty and a hundred new giveaways are added to the website. Other than that, the Online Sweepstake platform lets players read the reviews and comments of other people. With the help of such posts, you can know about different experiences and also tips and strategies for online sweepstakes games.


The platform lists the games that usually offer cash prizes worth of $2K, $5K, and even $10K. The latest sweepstakes contests and giveaways on this site include different companies. Some of them are the AirMedCare Network, GateHouse Media, Shop LC, and Schewels. The winning prize for these four companies varies between $1.5K and $25K. You can sign up for the membership of this website, enjoy the recent sweepstakes offers, and earn such significant amounts of money quickly. Even if you do not check the website frequently, you will receive emails about the recent sweepstakes offers from all over the world.

#4 Advantage of Online Sweepstakes Casino Platform

Sweepstakes Advantage, also called SA, is one of the most reputable websites that offer a huge variety of online sweepstakes real money games. In order to gain access to sweepstakes displayed on this site, you need to have a free membership. It also offers premium sweepstakes games online with additional features and opportunities when you sign up for a paid membership. Sweepstakes Advantage is one of the oldest sweepstakes websites as it is operating since 1997. The contests and giveaways are updated on a daily basis, so you can find thousands of opportunities for online sweepstakes for money. Some of the online sweeps casinos opportunities it offers include Jumanji, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, and Microsoft.

#5 Contest Girl

Although the design of the website is not very good, Contest Girl lets you access an abundance of information about sweepstakes online gambling. There are several categories, such as single-entry sweeps and old-entry sweeps that help you find what you want quickly. The technical staff update website every day, and it presents you with more than three thousand sweepstakes online casino offers. The offers include many opportunities from different companies as well as sweepstakes slots. The most recent sweepstakes for real money on this website come from various companies. They include Food Network, Ellen Degeneres Show, Larceny Bourbon, and Betty Crocker. The winning prizes for these sweepstakes online casinos are $5K, $1.5K, $10K, and $10K respectively.

#6 LuckyLand Casino

Online sweepstakes casinos such as LuckyLand Slots offer gamblers an alternative to play sweepstakes online for money. Such sites usually adapt classic sweepstake laws and use gold coins, virtual currency items, to replace real cash. Players can convert their sweepstakes cash into real money later. LuckyLand is a very popular and convenient website for the majority of people. The online sweepstakes casino provides dozens of online slots that are easy to play. Such sweepstakes slots contain Vaults of Valhalla, Amazonia, Buffalo Rush, Enchanted Fairy, and Mardi Gras Money. Each gambling slot is unique and fun to play sweepstakes online for money. Some of them even come in 3D version. If you want to hit huge wins and have an entertaining experience in online sweeps casinos, you can visit this website.

Why Play Sweepstakes Casino Games?

There is a number of aspects that you need to know about sweepstakes games. Most of the time regular gambling players questioning the reasoning behind players who prefer sweepstakes over casino games. Two factors affect their decision the most. The first one is that online sweepstakes slot machines are free of charge and they are legal. It is one of the characteristics that makes them very lethal in terms of customer satisfaction. The reason for that is the accessibility which we lack when it comes to online gambling games.

In most cases where it is illegal to enter gambling sites, online sweepstakes slot machines are available. As the famous saying suggests ” the best ability is availability” and that is what you can get by playing sweepstakes. The second reason is interrelated to the first one because while being available to all players, sweepstakes can also compensate those players’ lack of gambling adventures in online platforms. Their structure and graphics are almost as exciting as regular slots, that is why they can replace those games and become a great alternative.

It is a stereotype that just because you are not playing directly with real money, sweepstakes games are not as exciting as regular gambling slot machines. However, keep in mind that these games are designed by the same online casino software providers that are launching regular casino games. The effects, storylines, type of games, and entertainment value is the same for both of them. Although you cannot directly deposit real money, you can still earn sweeps coin pries that can be converted into your local or the desirable currency at any time after you comply with the playthrough requirements.


In conclusion, many players consider online sweepstakes to be one of the most fun and easy methods to get money. With a little luck, you may earn a big amount of cash online in minutes. That’s why people want to be aware of the most credible websites that provide internet sweepstakes software to enter. This article gave you information about some of these online websites where you can play and enjoy your experience. Riversweeps Platinium, SweepSheet, Sweepstakes Advantage, Contest Girl, and LuckyLand Casino are among top-rated places where you can either play or get information about recent sweepstakes casino online. Each of these websites offers gamblers to win real money that is worth of $1K-$10K and even more. Another nice aspect is that you do not have to check the websites regularly because you will get emails about new opportunities on a daily or weekly basis.

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