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General Music Trivia Quizzes. How well do you know the 80's? Songs and artists from the 80's! Classic Rock Trivia. Answer random questions and compete against other people in real time in this trivia-filled fresh take on the classic game of Bingo. Rock and Roll Bingo gives a new twist on bingo by replacing the standard format with much-loved music clips. We pick the best well-known songs for your enjoyment, with each quiz typically following. Top Shelf Trivia is the premier provider of live Trivia and Music Bingo shows. Rapidly expanding across the country, we offer the highest quality shows for everyone and every size venue. We pride ourselves on employing the most talented entertainers, which is why we believe our shows to be truly unparalleled.

Music Trivia Questions And Answers

The best Music trivia quizzes on the internet. Play a Music Quiz on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. Sporcle has 150,304 Music Quizzes that have been played 236,383,467 times.

These are some of the most played bingo games on the site! These cards can be used amongst friends at say a birthday party or in class for a music history lesson. Or maybe you just want to play a good game of music trivia with your family on game night. One really fun way to use these cards is to play music and have the players identify the song or artist. Most of the popular songs throughout the decades are listed here, but there are many more music themed cards available through the search feature.

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This awesome new twist on the traditional quiz night has the convenience of all of the answers on the playing card in front of teams, combined with the excitement of stamping your way to a completed row and shouting the age-old war cry of 'BIIIINNNGOOOOOO!!!' across a crowded room.

22-250 match grade ammo. Give Trivia Bingo a try and you'll discover why Nana turns into a crazed, Zimmer frame swinging maniac on her one night out a week!

  • Easier than our standard quizzes as answers are in front of you.
  • Designed to be run in pairs, although several pairs may sit together.
  • Aimed at all ages.
  • Around 100 questions each night on the big screen.
  • Six ways to win, by stamping out answers on a card.

How To Play Trivia Bingo

Music Trivia Bingo
Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say during our January trial at the Horse and Trap:

“We loved that there were a whole heap of 'a-ha' moments. It was ideal for us as my husband and I love a quiz and we are usually up against teams of 8. The bingo format was really fun, because you started working out strategies for answers you thought could be right and you'd take a punt – and it worked!” Lara, Epsom.

“Once you realise the bingo factor format it is light hearted and a lot of fun. Can't wait for next week's now we have figured out how it all works!” Dianne, Orakei.

“Excellent concept and great fun, and my penny dropped about strategies about half way through. Will be taking a punt on 'Bingo' a lot sooner next time. I'm already looking forward to going again next week.” Liam, Papatoetoe.

“I usually suck at quizzes so I liked that all of the answers were already written down in front of me. I just had to figure out which ones were right!” Tony, Royal Oak.

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Music Trivia Bingo

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