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My cafe is currently at level 32, using 'Northern Lights' style and switching from Iceberg to Pink sub-style. I've seen that pink windows are giving me less tips than the iceberg ones. It doesn't happen with all the items; Pink stands give more tips than the Iceberg ones.

A guide to all Word Connect answers across all of the game’s levels and stages. In the above video you can see the full list of My Cafe recipes. If you are looking for more recipes, you should click the button below. In this playlist you will find a lot more recipes, also those that appear only at a specific time, such as Christmas. My cafe Level 32 Ben Bet answers 1st Bet with Ben: Who will find the Map first? Daisy and Kevin went to the Bank. So did Elsa, as long as Daisy shared her solution with her.

My Café: Recipes and Stories is a mobile restaurant simulation game that allows you to help your servers in tending to the customers. This wonderful cast of characters comes into your café not only to sate their appetite but also to talk. You will learn more about their lives and even help them decide on certain important matters like who to marry or what to do. In turn they can help you learn about new recipes and lead you to rewarding quests. It adds a fun new twist to the genre without having to rely too much on fast reflexes or hacks in 2017 to appease demanding customers.

If you are on the quest to become the next greatest cafe owner in 2017 then our My Café: Recipes and Stories tips and tricks might be of help to you.

My Café: Recipes and Stories Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

My Café: Recipes and Stories Pricing Tips

Early in the game you will be taught how to increase or decrease the prices of your menu items. Don’t be afraid to spike it up until the price becomes yellow in color. This means that it is a bit expensive but it will not turn off customers most of the time. Sure there will be those who are not willing to pay but there will be those who are hungry enough to bite your declared price tag. Leave it as is until you have a rather large café with a lot of customers then you can tone the prices down to a dark green color.

Focus on maxing out Ann’s All Item Prices skill so you can raise how much your menu items cost. If you reach level 10 on that skill you can give all your items an increase of 30%, allowing you to go past the numbers that used to be yellow in color.

My Café: Recipes and Stories Recipe Combinations

There are certain recipes that are fairly obvious when the customers mention it. For example the Double Espresso is just two cups of that kind of joe, and Americano Milk is… you guessed it: Americano and Milk. However there are other recipes that you’ll have to either guess or look around in the customer dialogue for clues. Here are a few to help you build up your list:

  • AmericanowithCinnamon: Americano, Cinnamon, Milk
  • BavarianCoffee: Americano, Lemon, Chocolate Syrup, Chocolate Shavings
  • EnglishTea: Tea and Milk
  • Frappe: Espresso, Ice, Whipped Cream. Add Chocolate Syrup and Caramel Syrup / Chocolate Shavings / Vanilla Syrup for Caramel, Chocolate, and Vanilla Frappe respectively.
  • Megaccino: Two Cappuccinos, Chocolate Shavings, Chocolate Syrup
  • Mocha: Espresso, Milk, Chocolate Syrup
  • Paradise Glace: Chocolate Syrup, Espresso, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Vanilla Syrup
  • Strawberry Croissant: Croissant, Strawberry Ice Cream, Vanilla Syrup, Whipped Cream
  • White Cafe Glace: Espresso, Milk, Vanilla Ice Cream

My Café: Recipes and Stories Customer Hints

The game puts an emphasis on directly interacting with customers instead of just watching your AI-controlled servers take orders. Help Ann and your other servers by taking orders and preparing the machines in case they don’t have an available product. This will help speed things up and gives you something to do aside from staring at your screen.

My Cafe Level 32 Bet Odds

The distance between your machines and your customer’s tables do not matter if you are helping Ann with the orders. However if you let the servers work by themselves then it is important that the tables and the counters should be as close as possible.

Take note at the seemingly-random chatter of your customers. Most of these messages may just be random sentences but some are actually hints or questions with rewards. For example Koffsky (the guy in the black suit) can give you hints about recipe combinations if you answer his questions correctly which are pretty easy. Bill (the spectacled guy with a blue shirt and tablet) will ask you three questions per day regarding random trivia like birch trees or anything else that can be easily searched in Google. Correctly answering his queries will reward you with 75 gold.

Quests are indicated by a gem at the end of the sentence when you check them in your text log. At the early parts of the game these quests are usually customers requesting you to purchase new equipment so you can serve them a desired food or drink.

My Café: Recipes and Stories Café Tips and Tricks

Placing decorations on your café is more than just for aesthetics. These decors will also help increase your income as customers will give a tip if you match their preferred style. A customer will give a hint about the urgency of buying a French Latte Art early in the game. Fulfill her request and you will be rewarded with a couple of bucks’ worth of tips. You can actually mix and match different styles so you can have Chinese and Italian decorative pieces at the same time, but focusing only on a single style nets more income. If you don’t know what is the style of a specific piece of furniture then tap the small “I” on the top-right corner in the catalog.

Download 1xbet app for ios. It would be best if you position the counters and stools near the entrance so your customers can sit immediately and eat rather than letting them walk across your entire café before they could give an order. Only when you have a good income should you focus on arranging everything based on your dream café.

The furniture that you no longer use can be sold later in the game to Margaret but she will offer a very low price. You can also do this only once a day. When you hit level 16 a new character will enter your café and offer to buy three of your stuff every day.

My Café: Recipes and Stories Special Spices Tips

Certain recipes can be added with a dash of a special spice. Doing so will boost its price to more than a hundred bucks. A spice box on a stand is the first thing you will need before you start collecting it. Other than purchasing with real money, there are a few things you can do to make sure that the spice must flow into your box.

Ann’s Daily Gift skill has a chance to give you a spice whenever you log in. Hence it is imperative that you max out this skill to increase the possibility of obtaining a spice or three if you are insanely lucky.

Some customers can actually give you spices. Keep an eye out for the things they say to you during conversation and you might be starting a quest that will reward you with spice.

Once you reach level 6 you can access the café’s phone. Through this feature you can order spices and fulfill takeouts for additional income.

My Café: Recipes and Stories Servers Tips

Speed is among the skills that Ann and the other servers could have. As you can directly help with the orders there is very little need to choose a server with this skill or to level up Ann’s Speed. If you are the kind of player who would rather watch them move around the café instead of giving some direct help then I guess you should give this skill some attention.


The Daily Gift skill of Ann rewards you with a random item once a day when you open the game. Leveling it up to 10 will give you three gifts a day. Give this skill at least one point so you can have an added bonus whenever you play every day.

The candidates for potential servers refresh every day in 2017. Try to hunt for the server with the lowest-possible hiring cost and with a valuable skill.

My Cafe Level 32 Bet Free

There we go with the tips and tricks for My Café: Recipes and Stories. I hope that the things written here will help you build a very successful café. Just take the customer’s orders and beautify your café to ensure the regular flow of income.