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Panguingue definition is - a card game which resembles rummy, which is played with several packs of cards shuffled together, and in which a player tries to meld his whole hand in groups or sequences and bonuses are paid for particular melds. Pan Poker (Panguingue Poker) PAN POKER (PANGUINGUE POKER) Pan Poker Description and Objective. The object of Pan poker is to be the first to meld all 10 cards in your hand, in addition to the final card drawn. Pan poker uses 8 decks with one set of spades removed and all the 8's, 9's and 10's removed, for a total of 310 cards. Download Panguingue 1.0.0 from our website for free. The most popular version among the program users is 1.0. Our built-in antivirus scanned this download and rated it as 100% safe. This free software is an intellectual property of Thanos Cardgames. The program belongs to Games. Pan is a simple and enjoyable FREE card game. You can choose up to 3 opponents and try to get rid of your cards before they do. The Nine Heart is always first and if you have a card of the same.

Gambling refers to wagering money or any other valuable assets on an event with an uncertain outcome with the basic intention of winning money or any other material goods. The money or valuable things wagered are referred to as the stakes. It is categorized into two major classes: skill-based (where your chance of winning depends on your skills or ability) and chance-based, where the results are random.

Some of the most popular 'chance-based' gambling games include: bingo, slot online, roulette, and playing the lottery. Playing blackjack, poker and betting on races, on the other hand, are the perfect examples of 'skill-based' gambling games. While these games are very popular across the world today, it is interesting to know that there are gambling games that are so rare and unknown to most gamblers; some of which are highlighted below.


It is one of the rarest gambling games dating back to the Apache tribe, and described by Geronimo in his autobiography in 1906 told to S. M. Barrett. It was played at night while feasting and dancing to celebrate a noble event while the Apaches gambled.


The game involved two sides representing the feathered tribe (birds of the Apaches' creation story) and the beasts, Translated as the foot. Each side might be taken by either a single-player or an entire team. A campfire separates the two teams or players with four holes of about four feet dug on every side and moccasin placed in each one.

The feathered tribe side hangs blankets between them and the fire to prevent their competitors from seeing what they are doing before they begin singing and place a bone in one of the four moccasins. The bone represents the dropped by the eagle on the monster's head, killing it and saving humanity in the story of creation.

Once they hide the bone, they continue singing but tear down the blankets while a designated beast player runs up and strikes one of them with a war club with just a single chance out of the four to . In case they are successful finding the bone, the beast's team turns the role and begins over again as the feathered tribe. If not, the game goes on as it began. A bundle of sticks keeps the scores with one stick representing a point, and it ends when there are no stocks left with the winner having the most sticks. .

Tong Its

Tong-its (or Tongits), is another uncommon casino game in the world today. It is a 3-player rummy type of game that became so popular in , the largest Philippine island in the 1990s. It is played using the standard deck of 52 cards. The card rank from the highest is A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2.


It involves collecting hand combinations and dumping unnecessary cards, with the picking and discarding going on repeatedly until one player wins by Tongits. The process can also be repetitively done until a draw is called or the central stack runs out of cards. In this case, the gamers tally the card points in their possession, and .


It is one of the rarest gambling games in the world today. Also known as Pan, the game is one of the 19th-century gambling card games similar to rummy and Philippine origin. Texas holdem all hands. It was first described in the USA in 1905 before gaining so much prominence and popularity in Las Vegas and many other casinos in Southwest of America. However declining, its popularity is declining, which explains why it is currently only found in few casinos in California and in-house games and online poker websites.

The Deck

It is traditionally played using the 320-card deck constructed from eight decks of playing cards while removing all the Jokers, tens, nines, and eights. In some places, the players use 5, 6, or 11 and remove a set of spades. Unlike the Anglo-American deck, the gamers use the 40-cards Spanish deck for any game with Jack, King, Cavalier, Ace, and 2-7 in the Philippines.

The Game

Each player pays the top (an ante of one chip), whose value sets all the players' pays. It is also allowed to play with a two-chip ante known as double tops, just that it sets some high stakes for the game. Unlike in most card games, the dealing and playing rotation is right, and each gamer receives ten cards. Starting with the eldest hand, each gamer either agrees to play or folds their hand, with the latter losing their top. If all except one player fold, the finalist receives the tops, and the hand is over.


Panguingue plans to take a card from the top of the discard pile or stock and the moment gamer touches the stack, he is not allowed to use the discard pile. One must use the card in a valid meld placed on the table, failing to be discarded immediately.

To Conclude

There are many other rare games that many modern players don't know. If you want to know more, we suggest you take a look at this detailed page that Wikipedia offers:

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For the more advanced players, I would like to open some discussions about the play of hands. Here are a few hands that I would like your opinions and comments on:
You have melded Kh,Kc,Kd 2c,2h,2d. In your hand you have 4d, 5d, 5d, 5h,6d

Panguingue Cards

You now have to discard. Early in the hand, what do you discard vs late in the hand what do you discard. The player in front of you is not in fives.
I am willing to bet, we have some different answers on this one!
One more hand:
On the table you have melded Ks,ks,kh,hd 2c,2h,2s,2,s
In your hand you have Ah,Ac,3c
Person in front of you is not in aces. Late in the hand what do you discard vs early in the hand what do you discard?
This is why this game is so addicting because each hand is different.

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