Oscar Betting Odds

“Oscar’s Grind” is the nickname given to a betting system popularized by Allan Wilson in the mid-1960s. It is almost exclusively applied to even-money binary propositions, like the flip of a coin or, in the context of sports betting, covering the spread. Jan 27, 2021 Betting on the Oscars was allowed in both New Jersey and Indiana for 2020. While we don’t have any odds as of yet, this is a sample of consensus betting odds from European sportsbooks. We should get US odds once the nominations are nailed down.

Casino. The Hustler. The Sting. What do these movies have in common?

For starters, they’re all about gambling. They were also each recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as representing the very best in film, garnering nominations if not several outright wins.

Despite Hollywood’s love affair with chance, local legislatures (and irony) have largely prevented American movie fans from betting on the Oscars. When the nominees for the 93rd Academy Awards are announced on Monday, March 15th, gaming enthusiasts/film buffs around the country will be chomping at the bit to turn their preferences into payouts. Only a relative handful will be able to do so.


Where Can You Bet on the Oscars?

To date, New Jersey and Indiana are the only two states where you can put odds on the Oscars, via sportsbooks. With the rising popularity and growing adoption of online gambling nationwide, though, it may not be long before “Supporting Actor” ties “Super Bowl” for the hottest wager in town.

Whether you’re a Hoosier or a resident of the Garden State, there is no shortage of sportsbooks to choose from. Check out our guides to the best sportsbook apps in each state, from brand-name blockbusters to the hip little indies that have everyone buzzing.

Which Films Might Be The Favorites At Popular Sportsbooks?

Oscar Betting Odds 2020

Whether you’re laying down cash at a sportsbook or just wagering with friends, 2021 is sure to be one of the most hotly contested Oscar races in years. There don’t appear to be any hard-line divisions between movies like there were in the bad old days of Pulp Fiction versus Forrest Gump, Boyhood versus Birdman, or Green Book versus Anything Else.

Oscar Betting Odds In Every Category

If the Golden Globe nominations are any indication (and they usually are), this year will see an escalation of the debate over the legitimacy of streaming-service films versus traditional theatrical releases. When the global pandemic knocked most movie theatres (and, by extension, big-screen movies themselves) out of commission last year, once emerging forces like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix began pushing hard for their On Demand offerings to snag as much Oscar gold as possible.

Some of the most talked-about films and performances still belong to traditional studios. Searchlight Pictures’ recession-road trip drama Nomadland topped several “Best of 2020” lists, with high praise for director Chloé Zhao and star Frances McDormand.

Likewise, Emerald Fennell’s Promising Young Woman is shaping up to be a description of the actress-turned-writer/director’s Best Picture and Best Director prospects. The Focus Features thriller is getting a lot of attention for its unconventional take on the revenge picture, with star Carey Mulligan delivering one of the most talked-about performances of last year.

On the flip side, there are too many streaming contenders to describe in detail here. Just look up the credits for Amazon’s One Night In Miami and Sound of Metal; Netflix’s Mank, The Trial of the Chicago 7, and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom; A24/Apple’s On the Rocks; or even Palm Springs from Neon/Hulu, and you’ll trip over possible nominees (and likely surefire winners) in multiple categories.

As the statue wars rage between studios like never before, it’s audiences who will emerge the clear winner in 2021. Unlike years past, movie lovers won’t have to hit up the local art theatre (or any theatre) to prepare for the live April 25th broadcast. In many cases, the best of the best are only a rental or a “Watch Now” away.

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Oscar Betting Odds Best Actor

Hopefully betting on these films will be just as easy and, as they say in the trailers, coming soon.

Oscar Betting Odds All Categories

- Updated October 16, 2020 17:33:02

Academy Awards 'Oscars' Odds
Ammonite Be Nominated For Best- 93 Academy Awards

Any Foreign Language Film To Win Best Picture

Bellie Eilish (No Time To Die) Win Best Orig. Song

Best Actor - 93rd Academy Awards
Eddie Redmayne8/1+800
Gary Oldman8/1+800
Robert Pattinson8/1+800
Tom Hanks5/1+500
Adam Driver14/1+1400
Chadwick Boseman14/1+1400
George Clooney14/1+1400
Matt Damon14/1+1400
Ben Affleck20/1+2000
Dave Bautista20/1+2000
Idris Elba20/1+2000
Javier Bardem25/1+2500
Timothy Chalamet28/1+2800
Bill Murray33/1+3300
Bradley Cooper33/1+3300
Josh Brolin33/1+3300
Oscar Isaac33/1+3300
Sasha Baron Cohen50/1+5000
Willem Dafoe50/1+5000
Chris Pratt66/1+6600
Jason Momoa66/1+6600
Russell Crowe66/1+6600
Tom Holland66/1+6600
Logan Lerman80/1+8000
Richard Jenkins100/1+10000

Best Actress - 93rd Academy Awards
Viola Davis5/1+500
Amy Adams7/1+700
Glenn Close8/1+800
Meryl Streep8/1+800
Jessica Chastain10/1+1000
Jennifer Hudson16/1+1600
Annette Bening20/1+2000
Jodie Comer20/1+2000
Cate Blanchett22/1+2200
Frances Mcdormand22/1+2200
Octavia Spencer25/1+2500
Rachel Zegler25/1+2500
Renee Zellweger25/1+2500
Abigail Breslin33/1+3300
Kate Winslet33/1+3300
Nicole Kidman33/1+3300
Rooney Mara33/1+3300
Saoirse Ronan33/1+3300
Scarlet Johansson40/1+4000
Helen Mirren50/1+5000
Jennifer Aniston50/1+5000
Jennifer Lawrence50/1+5000
Judi Dench50/1+5000
Lady Gaga50/1+5000
Margot Robbie50/1+5000
Reese Witherspoon50/1+5000
Mindy Kaling80/1+8000
Rebel Wilson80/1+8000
Tilda Swinton80/1+8000
Tina Fey80/1+8000

Best Director - 93rd Academy Awards
David Fincher - Mank1/2-200
Steven Spielberg - West Side Story3/2+150
Ridley Scott - The Last Duel7/1+700
Sofia Coppola - On The Rocks7/1+700
Aaron Sorkin - The Trial Of The Chicago 79/1+900

Best Picture Winner - 93rd Academy Awards
Nightmare Alley 10/1+1000
The French Dispatch 10/1+1000
The Midnight Sky 10/1+1000
Deep Water 12/1+1200
News Of The World 12/1+1200
Da 5 Bloods 14/1+1400
Green Knight 14/1+1400
In The Heights 14/1+1400
Apollo 10½ 16/1+1600
The Last Duel 16/1+1600
Hillbilly Elegy 18/1+1800
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom 18/1+1800
Next Goal Wins 18/1+1800
West Side Story 18/1+1800
I'm Thinking Of Ending Things 20/1+2000
King Richard 20/1+2000
Macbeth 20/1+2000
On The Rocks 20/1+2000
The Father 20/1+2000
Those Who Wish Me Dead 20/1+2000
C'mon C'mon 22/1+2200
Palm Springs 22/1+2200
The Invisible Man 25/1+2500
The Trial Of The Chicago 7 25/1+2500
Last Night In Soho 33/1+3300
Nomadland 33/1+3300
Promising Young Woman 33/1+3300
The Eyes Of Tammy Faye 33/1+3300
The Souvenir: Part Ii Wins 33/1+3300
The Woman In The Window 33/1+3300
Happiest Season 40/1+4000
Horse Girl 40/1+4000
No Time To Die 40/1+4000
The Devil All The Time 40/1+4000
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier 40/1+4000
The Hunting 50/1+5000
The King Of Staten Island 50/1+5000
The Last Thing He Wanted 50/1+5000
The Many Saints Of Newark 50/1+5000
The Way Back 50/1+5000
Coming 2 America 66/1+6600
Death On The Nile 66/1+6600
Fantasy Island 66/1+6600
Quiet Place 2 66/1+6600
Run 66/1+6600
The Eternals 66/1+6600
Halloween Kills 80/1+8000
Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey 80/1+8000
Sonic The Hedgehog 80/1+8000
Artemis Fowl 100/1+10000
Black Widow 100/1+10000
Fast And Furious 9 100/1+10000
Top Gun: Maverick 100/1+10000
Wonder Woman 1984 100/1+10000
Jungle Cruise 150/1+15000
Monster Hunter 150/1+15000

Dune Be Nominated For Best Picture

Foreign Lang. Film Be Nominated For Best Picture

Same Film To Win Both The Best Direc And Best Pic.

Steven Spielberg Be Nominated For Best Director

Tenet Be Nominated For Best Picture

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Nominated For Best Pic.

Who Will Be The Host For The 93rd Academy Awards
No Official Host1/2-200
Kristen Wiig 7/1+700
Maya Rudolph 7/1+700
Amy Poehler 12/1+1200
Chris Rock 12/1+1200
Jimmy Kimmel 12/1+1200
Tina Fey 12/1+1200
Ellen Degeneres 16/1+1600
Kate Mckinnon 16/1+1600
Kevin Hart 16/1+1600
Ricky Gervais 16/1+1600
Steve Martin 16/1+1600
Andy Samberg 18/1+1800
The Rock 18/1+1800
John Mulaney 20/1+2000
Jon Stewart 20/1+2000
Tom Hanks 20/1+2000
Kumail Nanjiani 22/1+2200
Ryan Reynolds 25/1+2500
Trevor Noah 25/1+2500
Billy Eichner 33/1+3300
Hugh Jackman 33/1+3300
John Oliver 33/1+3300

Will West Side Story Be Nominated For Best Picture