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Sports spread betting has grown since the introduced as an alternative to fixed odds betting and offers exciting in-play sports betting.

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Company Info:

Spreadex is a leading online sports betting platform was launched in 2006 by former City dealer Jonathan Hufford. Today it is also a financial trading platform. and offers a fixed-odds betting service. For the purposes of this review, Spreadex Sports is the primary focus.

Website: SPREADEX.com

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Customer service: UK: 08000 526 575 / [email protected]

  • For sports and spread betting, Spreadex offers these services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that no matter when you have an issue, you should be able to resolve it quite easily. What is good about the Spreadex phone-based customer service is that it offers a number of different phone numbers — so depending on where you are in.
  • Spreadex Sports betting offers excellent service and innovative spread betting markets. Also, great to have fixed odds and spread betting in one place. Their in-play markets are supported by unrivalled live event updates and the recently introduced auto-cash out on spread betting is a tremendous addition to their portfolio of betting options.

Head Office: Spreadex, Churchill House, Upper Marlborough Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire. AL1 3UU

Spreadex Review Overall Rating (5/5)

Customer Service

There is a helpful contact detail located at the bottom of the webpage that displays an email and a phone number. However, there is also a help button at the top of the website where customers can find a lot of support through FAQ’s that cover the account, sports and technical issues you may have.

Another really useful feature is the “remote support” function that allows Spreadex to assist with more technical issues you may be experiencing by taking control of your device in order to solve it. This new for betting operators generally typically like BetFred for example.

Spreadex Mobile App

The Spreadex sports betting app is the only app that allows you to place both sports spread bets and sports fixed odds bets.

Spreadex Sports App

You can bet on thousands of sporting events from around the world and some of the main app features are as follows:

• Bet in-play with an extensive sports service
• Options to cash out, auto-cash out and partial cash out
• Switch between spread betting or fixed odds betting prices
• Analyse pre-match football stats on all domestic, Champions League and Europa League matches
• Monitor matches or events using in-play match centres
• Bet on virtual sports including football, horse racing, greyhounds and motor racing

The overall quality of the Spreadex betting app is top quality and follows on from the website in every way.

There are a few promotions that are currently available for new and existing customer and the current headline offer.

18+, New Customers Only, T&Cs Apply

Earn either an iPad or iPad Pro by opening a Spreadex betting account and placing the following stake levels on any of the qualifying sports. The list of Spreadex sports includes many sports like spread betting football and cricket plus many others and markets within the events.

The other main promotion is Place 3 sports spread bets, get a 4th bet spread-free.

To qualify, you have to place three sports spread bets online on the same sport’s qualifying markets in the space of 10 minutes and you’ll get a fourth bet spread-free.

The size of the spread-free bet will be up to the value of the lowest staked bet of the three qualifying bets.

For example, if you were placing three football spread bets on a Saturday morning on any of the qualifying football markets with stakes of £20, £10 and £20 respectively, you could then place the fourth bet up to a stake size of £10 at the mid-point of the spread.

The final promotion allows customers to earn by referring other players and getting in return a £100 risk-free total goals spread bet. There are some standard qualifying rules to following to qualify for this.

Are you a Spreadbet Beginner?

Spreadex Sports App

In its simplest terms, Spreadex provides prediction in sports markets, and its up to you to determine if you think the final outcome will be higher or lower, more or less, faster or slower. in a number of events.

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‘Buy’. If you think the quote is too low and ‘sell’ if it’s too high. The more right you are, the more you win – the more wrong you are, the more you lose – beware as you can lose more than your stake.

Spreadex Sports Apparel

Spread Betting Tips

  • Work out your worst-case scenario should a bet go against you that way you know what the downside is.
  • Don’t bet If you do not understand how a market works, hover over the ‘i’ to get more information
  • Make a pretend bet by writing down your chosen bets and then record the profit or loss that each would have recorded. This will help you understand the market dynamics
  • It makes sense to try to bet on markets you have good knowledge of. If you have a great understanding of golf and follow the game closely then you should follow the gold spread markets. Build your market knowledge.
  • For in-play events try to watch the match live so that you can react to any significant changes that alter the direction and therefore the course of events like a sending off of a key striker.
  • If things seem to be going really well or not so well don’t increase your bet size so that you are exposed to more if things start moving the opposite direction.



  • You think Rory McIlroy’s has a good chance to win The Open and look at Spreadex’s Finishing Positions market.
  • The Finishing Positions market is based on where the player will finish at the end of the tournament so you sell McIlroy’s price for £5 at 30 on a spread of 30-33.
  • McIlroy doesn’t do as well as you thought and finishes 40th in the field meaning a loss of £50 ((30-40) x £5).


  • You think Tiger Woods will perform well in The US Open and look at Spreadex’s Leaderboard market.
  • The Leaderboard market is based on an 80-40-30-25-20-15-10-5 index (80 to the winner, 40 runner-ups etc.) so you buy Woods’ price for £5 at 29 on a spread of 26-29.
  • Woods does do well and ends up as runner-up in the tournament meaning a profit of £55 ((40-29) x £5)

Spread Betting Strategies

  • Understand the difference in volatility in different markets. For example, a £15 buy of a batsman’s runs in a cricket match would have a much bigger win/loss possibility than a £15 buy on a football supremacy market.
  • Appreciate the potential maximum or minimum ‘make-ups’ of a market you plan to bet on
  • Manage your stakes, in some markets you can limit the maximum amount that you could lose on a given bet.
    • For example, if you are buying goals in a match but want to limit your bet to a maximum loss of £30, you just look at the price you have to buy at and calculate how much you should stake to risk a maximum of £30.

OVERALL Spreadex Review

Spreadex is a top class website and mobile app that provides a comprehensive sports events markets where you are able to bet on hundreds of bets within each given sports market from cricket to gold to football including live in-play.

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