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Super Bowl 55 in Tampa is just days away, and while pizza, wings, chips and dip are vital, no Super Bowl party is complete without Bet the Board’s printable props contest sheet.

Below are some of the free prop betting sheets for Super Bowl LV you can print out and use right now! Standard Super Bowl 55 Prop Betting Sheet. Prop betting sheets are set up as you would probably expect. It’s simply a sheet featuring some of the most popular prop bets for the NFL championship. Not all of these sheets are the same, though.

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  2. Printable Super Bowl Prop Bets PDF. To view, download or print your own list of Super Bowl.

Not everyone has access to a sports book so our Super Bowl LV props contest sheet will ensure your friends, family and co-workers have a little skin in the game. Bet the Board made sure its Super Bowl 55 prop bet sheet has the perfect mix of entertainment and skill-based props so any and everyone can join.

How long will Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Curch’s rendition of the National Anthem be? Will Kawhi Leonard or Patrick Mahomes play a larger role in their teams success Sunday? Which running back, wide receiver, or tight end will have the most impact? And for those that love pettiness, how many times will Bill Belichick be metioned? That’s just a glimpse of Bet the Board’s ultimate Super Bowl 55 props contest sheet.

Now that you have printed our props sheet for everyone at your party and collected entry fees, let the sweat begin! Consider this your official scorecard, as we’ll be updating this page live throughout The Big Game, so check back early and often.

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1 Point For Each Correct Pick

Sullivan / Church National Anthem OVER or UNDER 120.5 seconds?



Opening Coin Toss will be Heads or Tails?

Heads – WINNER


The Weeknd’s Final Half Time Song?

Neither “Original” or “Cover” was the final song. “Blinding Lights” was the final Half Time song.

0 Points Awarded.

Over/Under 1.5x Belichick is Mentioned During Game?



Will the First Play be a Run or Pass?



Which team will Score First?

Chiefs – WINNER


Will ANY of these things happen: Overtime, Safety, Made 2-Point Conversion, Blocked Punt or Kick?



OVER or UNDER 3.5 Field Goals Made?



Will there be a Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown?



Which Will be HIGHER? Kawhi Leonard Points, Rebounds and Assists on 2/7/21 vs. Kings OR Patrick Mahomes Pass Attempts?


Mahomes – WINNER

2 Points for each Correct Pick

Will the 49ers or Chiefs Cover the Point Spread?

Chiefs -3.5

Buccanners +3.5 – WINNER

Will the Chiefs and Buccanners Total Points go OVER or UNDER?

OVER 55.5 points

UNDER 55.5 points – WINNER

FILL IN THE BLANK: Name the Running Back, Wide Receiver or Tight End to have the most Total Yards?

Leonard Fournette (135 Total Yards)

FILL IN THE BLANK: Which Player will win Super Bowl MVP?

Tom Brady – MVP

If you missed the links above to our Super Bowl 55 props contest sheet you can print, download or save it by clicking right here.

Be sure to checkout our Super Bowl 55 podcast dropping Thursday afternoon on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or your favorite podcast platform where Todd and Payne will break down all the metrics, matchups, and prop bets!

The biggest sports day of the year is just around the corner. Football fans around the US are now flocking to different online sportsbooks to make their wagers on the Super Bowl.

There are some fantastic betting opportunities on the big game. Today, I’ll explain how to easily download free printable 2021 Super Bowl prop bet sheets. Analysts predict a huge surge of bets on this year’s Super Bowl. It’s not a surprise, as sports betting is more popular in the US right now than ever before. Prop bets are a fun way to bet on individual aspects of game day.

After checking out some of these sheets, I’ll break down some of the specific prop bets available for Super Bowl LV. Let’s check it out!

What Are Super Bowl Prop Bets?

When most people think of football betting, they think of traditional moneyline wagering. That’s the most common bet on which team will win a game. These odds are generally not skewed too heavily in favor of one team and do not offer the massive payouts that other types of wagers do.

Prop bets have grown considerably more popular in recent years.

Essentially, these are unique bets about a specific occurrence or non-occurrence of a game. As you might expect, there are a huge number of different Super Bowl prop bets becoming available right now.

Some focus on events on the field. Others are novelty wagers that involve halftime performances and post-game celebrations. And there are some great perks to online Super Bowl prop betting. Generally speaking, these odds offer much higher payout potential than a standard moneyline bet. Of course, the risk is often greater.

The majority of US Super Bowl betting sites offer a huge variety of betting options. Some betting fans prefer to make their bets between friends and family. Now’s a great time to look at some of the free prop bet sheets for Super Bowl LV. These are an extremely fun way to get more involved in the game.

Why Should You Use Printable Super Bowl Props Sheets

Sports betting has been taking place throughout the US for decades. In 2020, this form of gambling reached an entirely new level of popularity. A huge number of football fans placed sports bets throughout the 2020-2021 NFL season.

Many of these bets were placed online through various US NFL betting sites. The majority of these sites are extremely safe and offer competitive odds. They also offer great odds for Super Bowl LV prop bets.

Some bettors also enjoy using betting sheets amongst their family and friends. This form of gambling doesn’t require a middleman. Instead, all of the money is kept among those involved. The current NFL season is now reaching its end. As a result, millions of fans are beginning to search for free printable Super Bowl prop bet sheets. The game on February 7th will likely be watched by a sizable portion of the US population.

This is probably the most simplistic form of Super Bowl betting available right now. Grab some friends, print out one of these sheets, and make your wagers! Having some money on the game makes it even more exciting.

Below are some of the free prop betting sheets for Super Bowl LV you can print out and use right now!

Standard Super Bowl 55 Prop Betting Sheet

Prop betting sheets are set up as you would probably expect. It’s simply a sheet featuring some of the most popular prop bets for the NFL championship. Not all of these sheets are the same, though.

Some focus on off-field activities. Others focus on bets for specific parts of the Super Bowl game. The one listed here is a standard Super Bowl 55 prop betting sheet. These are the bets you would probably expect to see for a game like this one.

It’s here that you will find wagers on the possible MVP winner, which team will score first, and which quarterback will earn more passing yards. Those with a basic understanding of the two teams competing in Super Bowl 55 will enjoy this sheet.

Super Bowl Prop Sheet Fun

Super bowl prop sheets
Download this sheet here.

Special Super Bowl 55 Prop Betting Sheet

Want to bet on more than just what takes place on the field? Considering downloading this special Super Bowl prop betting sheet. This one offers a more unique variety of Super Bowl betting options that even the most casual fans can enjoy.

All of the free printable Super Bowl prop bet sheets we offer are unique. Don’t expect to see odds on the game outcome here, though. This particular sheet is created to feature the more fun, unusual prop betting options surrounding this game.

It’s here that you will find odds on things such as the halftime performance, Gatorade shower color, etc…

Download this sheet here.

Assorted Super Bowl 55 Prop Betting Sheet

Perhaps the best option to download a free printable Super Bowl prop sheet is one featuring a mix of the two options above! That is exactly what our assorted Super Bowl 55 sheet for prop bet offers. Just about everyone can enjoy it.

Here, you’ll find a variety of bets related to the action on the field. That could include things like the longest field goal and total score of the game. You will also find some of the fun Super Bowl LV prop betting options many fans have come to love.

These are all different. Hardcore football fans might prefer the first sheet. Those without much knowledge of the game might prefer the second. In a party with a mix of both groups, the third sheet might be the best option.

Download this sheet here.

Top 3 Online Super Bowl LV Prop Bets Available Right Now

Not everyone will be getting together with friends to watch the Super Bowl this year. The world remains in a very difficult position, and most health experts are warning against large gatherings. Those looking to watch the big game alone might not enjoy the free printable Super Bowl prop bet sheets as much as others.

Super Bowl Party Prop Sheet

That doesn’t mean these fans can’t still wager on all the action that goes down on February 7. There are a huge number of incredible US Super Bowl betting sites available right now around the entire country. The majority of them are safe and offer more betting options than one could ever need.

One of the most popular right now is Bovada. Below are three of the best online Super Bowl LV prop bets available through this site!

Bet on the Super Bowl 55 MVP Winner

Bet365 app india. We briefly mentioned this wager earlier. It’s one of the betting options featured one our first free Super Bowl LV prop betting sheets. It had to be included here, as it is offering some amazing odds for fans around the world.

Here’s a quick look at the current odds for this wager.


  • PlayerOdds
  • Patrick Mahomes: -120
  • Tom Brady: +200
  • Travis Kelce: +1000
  • Tyreek Hill: +1000
  • Leonard Fournette: +2500
  • Chris Godwin: +3000

There are other players listed to win MVP from Bovada, too. These are simply the six most analysts expect to get the nod. It’s not a surprise to see Mahomes come in as the favorite. He’s without a doubt one of the best young players in the league and has brought Kansas City to the pinnacle of the NFL.

He is a veteran of the game with more experience than almost any other quarterback in history. With odds of +200, a bet on Brady could pay off in a big way.

Bet on the Total Points During Halftime

This is another fun one that pertains to the activities of the game itself. Many fans and experts are curious to see how the offensive powerhouses of both teams matchup here. Some feel Super Bowl 55 could be one of the highest-scoring games in recent history.

This isn’t necessarily a wager on how many points are scored by halftime, though. Instead, it’s a bet on whether or not that number will be even or odd.


There isn’t any real skill involved with a bet like this one. That’s what makes it fun! You might find a wager like this one on the free printable Super Bowl prop sheets that cater to those without much football knowledge. Flip a coin and hope for the best.

Bet on the Color of Gatorade Thrown on Winning Coach

Lastly, we’ll take a look at a prop bet that is completely detached from the action on the field. Instead, this is a wager on what color Gatorade will be thrown on the winning team’s coach. For those unaware, this is a Super Bowl tradition dating back decades.

Here’s another one that is almost impossible to predict. The odds are still offering some massive opportunities to win big.


  • FlavorOdds
  • Lime/Green/Yellow: +275
  • Orange: +150
  • Red: +225
  • Clear/Water: +700
  • Blue: +800
  • Purple: +1000

Both Tampa Bay and Kansas City have similar colors in their team logo and jerseys. Could that mean we see red Gatorade thrown on the winning coach? Who knows? It could certainly be worth a bet.


Super Bowl LV is just around the corner. It’s expected to be one of the most-watched sporting events in history. There are some incredible betting opportunities for this game both online and in-person.

Those planning to get together with friends and family may want to download some free printable Super Bowl prop sheets. These are some of the best ways to get involved with the game on a whole different level.

Make sure to reach out with any additional questions. Good luck making your bets!

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